Why is UK Diving So Special?

Why is UK Diving So Special?

Why is UK Diving So Special?

There’s something so special about diving in the UK. The reefs that surround our shoreline, the local marine creatures that inhabit our ocean and the hidden treasures that lie within the deep.  

You may have visited this blog because you probably live in the UK, just like us! Or visiting the UK in hopes of getting some diving in. But let me guess, something that might be putting you off diving in British waters is that it’s a bit colder than other waters. You might also be apprehensive about what you might discover here, if you’ll find anything special, if anything? If you’re a diver who’s used to diving in the warm, tropical waters, it might be a bit concerning for you to dive in cooler waters. But we’re telling you, diving in England is AMAZING. There are so many incredible creatures and sites to see within the 24,000 km coastline that surrounds our island. 

So, is diving in British waters actually worth it? That’s exactly the question I’m going to answer in this blog. I am a diver that proactively dives in the UK so I’m here with the answers on what you may discover here and the expectations of diving in British waters. 

Wrecks in the UK

The UK is very well-known for the wrecks that have been submerged around our coast. Here you may explore battleships, steamers and tankers, our seabed is littered with shipwrecks! There is so much history surrounding our waters, with the oldest shipwreck dating back to 900 BC and the Bronze Age. If you’re up for an adventure, we highly recommend taking an expedition to find some hidden treasure on a wreckage. 

Take the plunge and sink beneath the surface to discover the history that lies beneath our waters. 

Marine Life in the UK 

I’ve already featured a blog on marine life that you may find in the UK, which you can find here. But here I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the top sea creatures that you might find in the UK: Pipefish, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Seals, Dogfish, Dolphins, Sunfish, Basking Sharks, Blue, Sharks, Lobster, Crabs, Tompot blenny, Nudibranch.

Why is UK Diving So Special?

Wait, you can see sharks in the UK? Yes, that’s right! Sharks can be found swimming in UK waters. The most well-know and highlights for divers around the UK are Blue Sharks and Basking Sharks. Blue Sharks can be found in the South Coast UK along their migratory route, which expands over 5,700miles! The longest of all shark species. Their path ends up by the UK from June - October. The Basking Shark can be found in Cornwall in the spring/summer and in Scotland around September time.

And you can see seals? Yes, there are a few most popular locations where you can experience Grey Seals. Roughly half of the worldwide population of Greys is found in Britain. The water conditions here are perfect for these marine animals. You can see the Grey Seals at any time of year. Most popular locations among divers are the Lundy Islands in the South of the UK and the Farne islands in the North East. 

Why is UK Diving So Special?

What about dolphins, can I dive with them in the UK too? Yes, dolphins are seen all year round in the UK! Although it is rare to experience diving with dolphins, they can be seen swimming and jumping around the coast all year round. 

Countless Possibilities 

Not only do we have some pretty incredible reefs and fascinating wildlife, there are a lot of interesting things that you can explore in the UK. As well as shipwrecks and marine life, you can also find cold water reefs, cave systems, wall dives, drifts, gullies and shallow bays. There are many options and experiences to embark on here in the UK. How could you not be curious to want to try diving in your local waters?

Final Thoughts

For those who are a bit sceptical about diving in the UK, hear us out. UK diving has some amazing diving perks. With lots of wrecks, creatures and adventures to explore, there's so much to experience and discover right on our doorstep. How could you say no to diving in such an incredible place? 

But remember, if you’re looking to start diving in UK waters, you need to be extra prepared with extra layers and gear to keep you warm throughout your dive. Read our blog on essential gear for cold water diving so you’re equipped with the right gear for a more enjoyable dive. If you have any questions about selecting gear or expectations on diving in the UK, please reach out to us at support@mikesdivestore.com where we have a team of scuba diving professionals, here to assist you with questions that you may have.