Are Scuba Diving Computers Essential?

Are Scuba Diving Computers Essential?

Are dive computers essential? If so, why are they important to use when diving? Many dive gear items are essential must-haves when you go diving. The most common items that you know that you’ll need to have are the obvious, which are BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins, Cylinder and exposure protection. Yet, dive computers are seen as a non-essential item on the list of must-haves.  

So what are our thoughts on dive computers? Are they an essential must-have when it comes down to buying your own gear? There’s one simple answer from us, and that's ABSOLUTELY, YES! 

Why Should I Buy a Dive Computer?

In our opinion, a dive computer is one of the first items that you should buy when investing in your own scuba diving gear. And here are a few reasons why.

Having a dive computer is essential for many reasons. Number one is that it will make your dive so much easier than diving without one. With dive computers these days including so many incredible features, it makes diving easier with one compact device. Some dive computers have GPS to map your dive, others have a built in compass and some have dive features to suit technical and recreational diving. There’s a dive computer that will match every diving needs!

Many countries actually insist that you wear a dive computer by law. Most respectable dive centres will also insist you have one, especially if you are diving beyond 18m.

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dive Computer

Let’s get into more detail on why it’s essential that you should buy a dive computer and why it’s one of the first things that you should be investing in why buying your own kit. 

Safety: Having a dive computer ensures that you have a safer dive. If used correctly, you’re able to relax knowing how much time you have left (depending, of course, on how much air is left in your tank!). You eliminate the human error risk inherent in manual calculations and let the computer sort that out for you. 

But, it’s important to remember that their main purpose is to help keep you from getting the bends. It however does not take in all the considerations and DCS risk factors such as weight, age, hydration levels, etc. So make sure to keep learning, memorise the tables, understand the science and use the computer to help you facilitate that knowledge. 

Accuracy: Using a dive computer will ensure more accurate calculations for your dive. One mess up or tiniest of errors in your calculations can make a lot of difference and can be a danger to your safety. Dive computers will confirm your calculations or do the mathematics for you. 

Logs Your Dives: Your dive computer will log your dives for you! There’s no need to calculate your bottom time or max depth, your computer will do that all for you and save the information for you when you’re writing your dives. 

Decreases Risk of DCI (Decompression Illness): with this nifty invention, you’ll be decreasing risk of Decompression Illness. Your dive computer will calculate your max time and surface interval timings. 

We’re Here to Help

For a piece of equipment that can potentially save your life, it’s most definitely worth the investment. There are many and plenty of different dive computers that you can choose from that’s on the market. At Mike’s Dive Store, we have an extensive range of top-quality dive computers that will suit your budget and diving needs. If you’re unsure on the dive computer you want to go for please reach out to us at where we have a team of scuba diving professionals, here to assist you with questions that you may have.