Sealife Handheld Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Blue Light!

Sealife Handheld Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Blue Light!

Fluorescence diving is pretty popular and opens up a whole new world of light and colour but the special lights and filters required to see it all is typical expensive and not always convenient to carry. The new Sealife Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro makes the fluorescent world much more readily available and cost effective to get into with its compact handheld design that can easily be whipped out of your BCD pocket when needed.

What is Fluorescence and How Does it Work?

There is quite a lot of science behind that question and the short answer is that when illuminating marine life with the correct blue light, a colourful energy reaction occurs and the sea creature emits its own light.

The more technical answer is when energy emitted from the fluoro light strikes an atom on the surface of an underwater marine organism, it knocks an electron up to a higher energy state. When the electron decays back to its normal state (usually instantly, after a few nanoseconds), it emits a photon of light (in the visible, lower energy part of the colour spectrum).

Florescent Diving - Snakelock Anenome
Fluorescent Diving - Crab

The Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro

The compact, handheld Fluoro light uses a CREE blue LED and a special mirrored “dichroic” filter developed with the help of Fire Dive Gear to pinpoint the light wavelength needed for an optimal energy, or light response. In order for you to make the most of the fluorescence you'll need to fit the yellow mask barrier filter when using the light, which eliminates excess blue light remaining in the viewing area and maximising the fluoro viewing effect.

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Dive Light

The Mini Fluoro light emits a brightness of seven watt per square metre at full power which is more than enough to get a awesome display of colour. The light can be powered by either two single use CR123 batteries that will keep it going for one hour at maximum output or it can be fitted with a 18650 rechargeable Li-ion 3400mAh battery that can be purchased as a Power Kit that will power it for two hours at full power. Please note that the light is not supplied with any batteries.

The battery grip features an integrated safety pressure-release valve that relieves internal pressure built-up in the vent if the battery becomes damaged and the body is constructed of an anodised aluminium for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The dual O-ring design ensures a reliable waterproof seal down to depths of 330 feet (100 m).

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