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Orca Zen and Mantra Freediving Wetsuits

Orca Zen and Mantra Freediving Wetsuits

Freediving is the purest form of diving - it only requires essential equipment such as a mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins - or even no fins for the ultimate experience. Nothing can replace the feeling of weightlessness, connection to the ocean, lifegiving air in your lungs and a slowing heartbeat adjusting your body to the liquid environment. I have tried many extreme sports, including accelerated freefall skydiving, ice climbing, caving and heli-skiing, but freediving always has an extraordinary place. No other sport delivers the same level of connection to the environment. Famous free diver William Trubridge once said, "I was born to dive and dive to be reborn". I could repeat the cliche from a few movies when characters say: "it's this place when you lose yourself and find yourself" - cliche it may be, but it rings true! Freediving is, for many, a form of meditation - if you want to discover the hidden secrets of the ocean, there is no better sport than freediving. Many of us at Mike's Dive Store are active freedivers and spearfishermen. We know that the correct equipment is essential in delivering a better experience and enjoying freediving or spearfishing for longer. 

Orca is part of the Orbea Group of companies that, until recently, have been known for producing high-quality cycling and swimming equipment. They recently extended their portfolio with two excellent freediving wetsuits - Zen and Mantra. 

Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuits

The Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuit is voted one of the most hydrodynamic wetsuits on the market. The manufacturer employed high elasticity materials which are highly technical to maximise the fit and performance underwater - we dare to say it fits like a second skin. The Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuit is explicitly designed to prevent water entry and form water pockets. The design demands a perfect fit, aiding heat retention and making you more efficient in the water. The Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuit employs technical neoprene surface coating to enable less water resistance and improve water flow around your body. The Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuit is created from a stretchy neoprene with an inverted zipper and high quality, well-made seams creating a fantastic package for freediving enthusiasts and professionals.

 Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuits

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Orca Zen Freediving Wetsuit features:

  • Perfect fit for better hydrodynamics
  • Superb hydrodynamics for better water flow
  • Zero Restrictions for ultimate freedom underwater
  • Yamamoto Neoprene
  • Super Composite Skin, Infinity Skin, Hydrolite equipped
  • Specific design for ultimate fit and comfort


Orca Mantra Freediving Wetsuit

The new Orca Mantra Freediving Wetsuit is specifically for all freediving enthusiasts and beginners. It is made with high-quality materials for more extended durability. The key to a successful freediving wetsuit is a highly flexible material. The material flexibility reduces restrictions providing a snugger fit, minimising water flush, and retaining thermal comfort during long freediving sessions - the new Orca Mantra Freediving Wetsuit does it with style.

Orca Mantra Freediving Wetsuit

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Orca Mantra Freediving Wetsuit features:

  • Excellent close fit results in streamlining silhouette, reduction in the formation of water pockets and better performance underwater
  • Outstanding durability thanks to the coated exterior fabric providing maximum protection from wear and tear
  • Highly flexible - thanks to being manufactured from highly elastic materials for greater freedom of movement in hips and legs.
  • Specific design for ultimate fit and comfort

Lastly, we want to know your diving experience and thoughts on owning your scuba equipment. If you have any questions, we are always a few strikes of the keyboard or a phone call away. Please send us an e-mail at support@mikesdivestore.com or call on 020 8994 6006.



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