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New Fourth Element Tech Jet Fin

Today's market is filled with fins of many types, such as channel blade finsplit blade finand hinge blade fin, but one type of fin has reigned supreme the longest - and that is the traditional paddle blade fin with the famous jet vents. The jet fin type of fin stands out more than any other within this collection.

Scuba Jet fins - the brief history 

So let's briefly look at the history of a scuba diving jet fin. Jet fins evolved from the standard fins scuba divers used before - these were made out of rubber and had retaining rubber heel straps and often shoe-type laces on the foot pocket to make them fit more comfortably. The first company that brought the jet fin into the shape we know now was Scubapro - this was back in 1965. Since then, it is estimated that Scubapro has sold over a hundred thousand jet fins, and the design has changed very little. The US Navy endorsed the jet fin, and subsequently, many navies worldwide opted to use jet fins in their operations. Nowadays, jet fins are often the number one choice for technical divers, scuba instructors, the commercial sector, and the military, but they are also becoming increasingly popular in recreational diving. 

Fourth Element Tech Jet Fins

Benefits of a jet fin for scuba diving:

  • Usually heavier than other fins but this aids in diving in a drysuit
  • Moulded from one piece of rubber makes them almost indestructible.
  • A short blade is excellent for diving from the boat
  • A short blade is a must for overhead and confined spaces scuba, such as a cave, cavern, or wreck diving.
  • Excellent power transfer with a stiff paddle blade design
  • Employment of vents to improve water flow and reduce the drag
  • Generous foot pocket for drysuit diving
  • Well built with heavy-duty spring straps - fewer points of failure and should last a lifetime

Fourth Element Tech Fin - improved jet fin design

The Fourth Element has been taking a positive and active approach to many items, from diving apparel and providing constructive improvement and greener solutions to the market. Just like other products, Fourth Element took the classic jet fin and made a few improvements making it a fantastic option for anybody looking for power, reliability and modern design. It is a little bit like the Porsche 911 - still the same shape but the new looks, materials and manufacturing process made it even cooler!

Fourth Element Tech Fin
Fourth Element Tech Fins - Turbulence Disruptors - inspired by Humpback's pectoral fins


The new Fourth Element Tech fins are made from one piece of natural rubber with different stiffness areas for more comfortable usage. Looking at the Tech jet fin blade, it has been empowered with stiffening lateral rails and strengthening ribs. In this way, the fin provides greater flexibility and power for more comfortable finning. The classic jet fin vents are meant to be working with the paddle disruptors to improve the water flow and reduce the drag during intensive kicking.

Fourth Element Tech jet fin


The Fourth Element Tech fin has a softer foot pocket with a stiffer pocket lip - a design aiding in comfortable fit but tough enough to support drysuit rock boots. Finally, the whole package is completed with a marine-grade stainless steel spring and natural rubber retaining heel strap that will last a lifetime of usage. Altogether, the Fourth Element produced a great looking, amazingly performing and comfortably fitting tech jet fin, which will be great for any technical or even recreational diver.


Fourth Element Tech jet fins are great for:

  • Boat diving - shorter blade better for on deck manoeuvres
  • Overhead environment - wreck, cave, cavern
  • Diving in a drysuit - thinner rubber lip around the edge of the fin pocket which is designed to allow for a bigger rock boot
  • Slightly lighter than other jet fins, so more travel friendly
  • Natural rubber fins better for the environment

The Fourth Element Tech fins are Ocean Positive TECH Fins from Fourth Element. The Fourth Element Tech Fins are made from natural rubber obtained from the rubber tree. Better for the environment, so better for divers! This process is called carbon fixing - a contribution to Ocean Positive philosophy. These incredible Tech Fins are supplied with a hanging/carrying strap that may attach them to a BCD or harness for carrying, leaving both hands free for climbing ladders, carrying other gear, or going tactical! No unnecessary packaging

Fourth Element Tech Fin


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