Apeks Exotec Hybrid BCD - Contemporary Approach

Apeks Exotec Hybrid BCD - Contemporary Approach

Wings provide excellent trim and an unrestricted, free feeling for technical diving. While a Horghatian wing system may not appeal to everyone, a back-inflated hybrid BCD finds many enthusiasts among recreational divers. All Apeks-loving fans will remember Apeks Black Ice BCD. Like the Black Ice, the new BCD is a back-inflated hybrid - but only with an excellent, so to speak, twist :-). Apeks describes Exotec as an evolution and improvement in a few essential areas over the Black Ice.  


What is BioReact and Wrapture Harness System System?

As the first company in history (correct me if I am wrong), Apeks designed a backplate and waist system that is not rigid. Instead, the bottom part of the backplate is ensembled with a pivoting lumbar plate, enabling movement in different positions. According to Apeks, this will help achieve a greater range of movements. From a practical point of view, Exotec will be more comfortable and natural to wear on the surface and underwater. Putting your fins on or reaching for dive gear while wearing a BCD can be restrictive. Well, not any more, as the new Apeks Exotec with BioReact system twists and bends together with your silhouette. It reminds me of my advanced lumbar system for my hunting backpack. So when standing, the BioReact shifts the weight support on your hip and lumbar areas, providing comfortable wear and reducing pressure on your shoulders and shoulder straps. On the other hand, when in water, The Exotec, being a back-inflated hybrid BCD, will provide excellent horizontal trim properties while not being restrictive when you swim on a side. The lumbar support and harness will adjust with the body's movement, and bladder bungee restrictors will keep the wing in the correct position. 

Women have, generally speaking, shorter torso, while men have longer. To match the correct fit, Apeks made the backplate on the Exotec adjustable in three different positions so you can tailor the length of the backplate to fit your particular figure. Wrapture System, with its BioReact waist harness, keeps the cylinder in a vertical position close to your body. The wrapture system, designed for ultimate comfort, allows all parts of the system, such as the waist harness, tank mounting position, and bladder retainers, to keep all the elements around your body. There is no movement or BCD "riding up" even when the BCD is fully inflated at the surface.

Apeks Exotec Hybrid BCD

Armourguard and GripTek Materials

Armourguard is a slick technical material from which the outer bladder cover is made. Super smooth and super tough material that is abrasion resistant and highly unsusceptible to any microorganism growth. A huge benefit from a travelling diver's point of view is that it does not absorb water to the degree, e.g. Cordura or any other material does-this means that the whole bladder area will dry very quickly. You can pack your BCD back for the way home completely dry. Apeks also employed a unique fabric called GripTek, which, together with the BioReact system, ensures that the BCD stays in position at all times - wrapped around your body.

Apeks Exotec ArmGuard Material

High-quality finishing touches and Surelock II Weight Pocket System

The Apeks Exotec Hybrid BCD features contemporary-looking, high-quality G-Hooks, shoulder D-Rings and Surlock II pull handles manufactured from anodised, coloured coated aluminium to match the latest Apeks products such as Apeks Dive TorchesApeks Lifeline Reels and the latest Apeks VX masks. A good number of D-rings - 4 on the shoulder and another two at the bottom of the harness and straps and two large side pockets- will allow you to attach the necessary accessories in a streamlined manner. Ultra low-profile pull dumps - two on the bottom of the wing, one top right and a hi-performance power inflator provide ultimate control over your BCD. Apeks claims that Apeks Exotec's power inflator is one of the quickest, if not the fastest, power inflators on the market. The SureLock II Weight Release System makes weight insertion and release easy, allowing you to feel secure in your BC. With the patented mechanism, all it takes is one simple pull of a handle for effortless removal - no more fiddling around with buckles or straps!

Apeks Exotec Accessories

Features of the Apeks Exotec BCD:

  • The dual bladder retraction system aids bladder deflation and a streamlined underwater silhouette.
  • The Apeks Power inflator is famous for one of the industry's quickest inflation/deflation times.
  • Three flat dump valves and one inflator-integrated dump valve allows efficient control in every position.
  • The patented SurLock II Mechanical Weight System provides a safe, single-pull weight release in an emergency.
  • Wrapture Harness System aids unsurpassed comfort and stability.
  • Two large folding pockets for accessories
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps and three-position adjustable backplate to match your body shape
  • G hook chest strap and tank retainer allow for simple one-handed operation
  • Armoguard slick skin, known from its technical line of products, offers a high level of abrasion resistance, fast-drying and highly hygienic solution
  • GripTek fabric keeps the BCD is correctly positioned on the surface and underwater
  • BioReact articulating waist system for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.




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