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XDeep NX Series Small Single Ended Boltsnap 5PK

XDeep NX Series Small Single Ended Boltsnap 5PK


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  • The NX Series Small Boltsnap

    is specifically designed for use on the 2nd stage regulator or long hose, and is ideal for securing backup torches, small accessories, and cameras. Thanks to its compact and easy-to-handle design, the NX snap can replace previously larger snaps without compromising on functionality. Its optimized design ensures smooth and hassle-free operation, making it an excellent choice for technical divers and professionals.

    XDeep bolt snaps are easy to use

    The NX SERIES is a product that has successfully demonstrated how innovation applied to design and materials can enhance traditional methods, resulting in something unique, better and special. Although items such as bolt snaps and backplates are considered to be resistant to evolution, the NX SERIES backplate has been able to revolutionize traditional approaches. The bolt snap in the NX SERIES is a breakthrough in design, breaking a 60-year stalemate and significantly improving ease of use and practical application. The combination of tradition and innovation has resulted in a remarkable product that is now setting a new standard in the industry.

    No loss of dexterity in any glove system

    Dry gloves and neoprene mitts are essential for keeping a diver's hands warm in cold water, but they can make it difficult to operate clips and other smaller controls. This can result in a suboptimal diving experience. The NX SERIES bolt snap range, which includes both double enders and small clips, has been designed to be easily handled even with the thickest dry glove systems. This eliminates the need for any compromise in functionality or safety, making diving a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

    XDeep Boltsnaps are Easy to Open

    One of the common reasons for missing a clip is the difficulty in fully opening the gate on traditional bolt snaps. To address this issue, the NX trigger comes with a large, smooth, and easy-to-operate mechanism that enables a full opening with ease. Moreover, the NX SERIES trigger is designed with significant anti-entanglement properties. Unlike smaller triggers that often have hooks that line can easily catch in, the NX SERIES trigger is designed to effortlessly shrug off-line traps. Additionally, the finger support on the NX trigger provides enhanced stability and control, which leads to an increase in the accuracy of the clip.

    XDeep Boltsnaps are Easy to Clip

    It's important to pay close attention to little things because they can solve big problems. For instance, by making sure that the NX boltsnap head has the right shape and that the hook is designed properly, it becomes much easier to attach it to D rings.

    100% AISI 316 stainless steel in XDeep Boltsnaps

    The NX bolt snaps are designed using premium quality AISI 316 stainless steel, which is known for its exceptional anti-corrosion properties due to the increased nickel and added molybdenum content. In addition to the clip, even the spring, gate, and all other parts in the NX SERIES are made using this marine-grade steel. These bolt snaps are available in larger models and double-ended models as well.

    • Excellent quality, made from AISI316 stainless steel
    • Easy to clip
    • Super easy to use, even in gloves
    • Small bolt snap perfect for attaching regulator, torch, spool ets

    SKU: XD-AC-012-0
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