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Tusa Platina Hyperdry II Snorkel

The Tusa Platina II Hyperdry snorkel is Tusa’s premier semi-dry snorkel incorporating several features such as the patented Hyperdry System making this one of the most stylish and feature packed snorkels on the market.

Featuring a Crystal Silicone neck that is completly flexible, you can even roll the snorkel up into a ball. Never again will you break a snorkel by sitting on it or dropping a tank.

Comfort Swivel The Comfort Swivel offers a more comfortable fit since it creates no load on the mouthpiece, straightens out during diving and doesn't get in the way. The swivel adapter makes it possible to slip the mask strap into the slit with no hassles. The two-part construction allows the snorkel to rotate and can be attached in a horizontal position.

High Flow Purge The High Flow Purge design used on TUSA snorkels offers a covered large diameter purge valve for simple, quick clearing, reducing the amount of water remaining in the mouthpiece in an instant.

Hyperdry System The Hyperdry System keeps the main pipe dry by ejecting water through an independent escape pipe. This unique design utilizes the angle of the snorkel pipe and the resilience of the water surface to eject water.


Cobalt Blue 2-3 days
Fishtail Blue 2-3 days
Fluorescent Yellow 1 In Stock
Hibiscus Red 2-3 days
Light Blue 2-3 days
Pastel Pink 2 In Stock
Siesta Green 2-3 days
Transparent 2-3 days
Black/ Black 2-3 days
Black/ Bronze 1 In Stock
Black/ Fishtail Blue 2-3 days
Black/ Hot Pink 2-3 days
Black/ Red 2-3 days
Black / Metallic Dark Red 2-3 days
Black / Metallic Silver 2-3 days
Black / Siesta Green 2-3 days
Bright Pink 2-3 days
Aquamarine 2-3 days
Black 2-3 days
Black / Yellow 2-3 days
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