Competition Winner

Competition Winner


We are so excited to be finally announcing the winner from our Summer Giveaway Competition…… We were overwhelmed by the positive response. A HUGE thank you to everyone that entered.

However, there could only be 1 lucky main prize winner….

So please give a hand to Karl Chapman who took home over £2600 worth of dive gear & is happy as a Pig in Mud, or a Clown Fish in Anemone, as the case may be.


This is what Karl won

  1. Aqua Lung Plazma Mask - RRP £60
  2. A Aqua Lung Aquilon Purge Snorkel - RRP £25
  3. A pair of Aqua Lung Phazer Fins - RRP £103
  4. A pair of Aqua Lung Superzip 5mm Boots - RRP £34
  5. A Aqua Lung Dive 7mm Wetsuit (male or female) - RRP £164
  6. A Aqua Lung i770R Dive Computer with Transmitter - RRP £816
  7. A Aqua Lung Omni BCD - RRP £521
  8. A Aqua Lung Leg3nd Elite Stage 4 Regulator Set- RRP £825
  9. A Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife - RRP £25
  10. A Aqua Lung Explorer II Roller Bag - RRP £121

The runner-up prize winners were:

  • Philip Bower
  • Lynne Mackay
  • Micky Leahy
  • Andy Flatt
  • Sue Kenyon
  • Rachel Weston
  • Simon Wilson
  • Sam Clarke
  • Andy Craig
  • Craig Morris
  • Nick Robertson-Vousden
  • Dan Atkinson
  • Jakub Szymborski