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A divers knife is an essential safety tool that a diver carries just in case the need may arise to cut through an entanglement. We have a vast range of diving knives that included BCD Knives, Knives that mount hoses and onto legs, line cutters, accessories and tools here at Mike's Dive Store to suit any budget.

We stock the best dive knives and cutting tools from major manufacturers like Aqualung, Scubapro, Mares and Tusa.  

Aqua Lung offers a good selection of cutting tools, including freediving knives, blunt tip knives, stilleto knives and drop point type knives - just to name a few. They all carry the quality of top dive gear manufacturers like Aqua Lung. 

Tusa knives will get you out from any entanglement, whether it is a fishing net or stubborn kelp. They produce knives from small mini-knives to an excellent drop point titanium knife which you can attach to your leg.

Scubapro dive knives are, in our opinion, a combination of affordability and functionality. Yet they have been setting up some cutting edge trends in dive knife fashion for a few good years - from X cutter to a titanium BCD knives.

If you are looking for a selection of spearfishing knives, Mares has a lot to offer. This well known Italian brand produces popular diving knives which have a lovely ergonomic design. From the low profile, dispatching and freediving knives to folding diving knives Mares have it all.

Beaver and Maniago produce one of the most extensive collections of line cutting devices. While Beaver specializes in the larger diving knives, you will find handy small z line cutters and diving shearers are the domain of Maniago.

If you need for information, help or advice about choosing a dive knife, then you should read our Dive Knives Guide for some helpful tips to choosing the right type.

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