Help Choosing Prescription Dive Mask

Help Choosing Prescription Dive Mask

Are you a scuba diver who wears glasses? Do you dread the idea of not being able to see underwater because of your corrective lenses? Worry no more! There are now specialized prescription dive masks designed to provide extra visibility. Even if you wear protective eyewear above and beyond what regular divers do, wearing the proper prescription dive mask can make all the difference in ensuring clear underwater sight during your next deep sea adventure. In this blog post, we will discuss some helpful tips for choosing the best prescription dive mask so that when it comes time to descend into unknown depths, you won't miss a thing with these ultimate underwater vision boosters.

How to read your dive mask prescription

Let me help you get started. Prescription lenses have three primary readings: Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis. The Sphere reading determines whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. The subsequent two readings – Cylinder and Axis tell you whether or not you have astigmatism, how strong it is and specifies where the astigmatism is on your eye. For anybody diagnosed with mild astigmatism (range between 0.75 up to 2.00) premade or stock-lens  stock lenses should be correcting vision well. You may also find ADD section in your prescription, which means you need correction for reading your dive computer. With this information, start shopping for the suitable Prescription Dive Mask!

Lens corrections are based on your spherical reading and can be found on the glasses prescription obtained from your optician. Typically it will look something like this:














You qualify for premade or stock prescription lenses if:

  • Your SPH reading is between -8.0 and +4.5
  • Your CYL reading is below 2.00

If your eyesight requires eyeglasses with a cylinder or axis correction above 2.00 (moderate to strong astigmatism), then under the sea may require special attention: Custom Made Prescription Mask Lenses are specialist corrective lenses custom-made to fit any dive mask. In this case, contact our Customer Service Team for the best advice support@mikesdivestore.  

Choosing the correct prescription mask

The key to finding a suitable Prescription Dive Mask is to look for masks with high-quality silicone skirt seals. High-grade silicone is more durable, comfortable when pressed against the skin, and will last much longer than other materials such as rubber or neoprene. Prescription mask skirts are available in either clear or black silicone finishes. Ensure your Prescription Dive Mask also fits comfortably on your face for a better seal and less leakage. To ensure maximum comfort, check that the straps don't irritate your skin or cause discomfort by digging into your hair or scalp. Here are our top three prescription masks:

Tusa Prescription Dive Mask Selection

TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask | TUSA Intega | TUSA Paragon

There is a huge benefit to choosing a high-quality dive mask, as the mainstream dive equipment manufacturers produce spare parts, so after a few years of usage, some components perish. You may still be able to find replacement parts and still use your prescription lenses. 

Choosing prescription lenses for a dive mask

For most Tusa prescription dive masks, premade or stock-lens prescription lenses come in plus dioptres up to +4.5, minus lenses up to -8.0 dioptres, and Bifocal reading lenses for dioptres from +1.0 to +4.5. For example, the spherical reading of your eyeglasses prescription is +1.50 in the right eye and +1.00 in the left eye. Although you can get lens corrections with more detail, most lens manufacturers only offer increments of 0.5. Don't worry - we will help you pick the best correction available to match your prescription. As the dive mask prescription lenses come in 0.5 increments, the general rule is to scale down to the nearest number if you are short-sighted (minus lenses) or scale up to the nearest number if you are long-sighted (plus lenses). So if your prescription is +1.25, we suggest you pick +1.5. If you have SPH reading of -1.25, it is recommended you choose -1.0.  Allow us 24h to mount chosen lenses on your brand new dive mask and send it to you by chosen courier. If you need help with buying your prescription mask and lenses, please visit our How to Buy a Prescription Mask page for help and advice, including how to find your lens correction.

Lenses for Prescription Dive Masks
Our Staff will install the lenses while you wait in the shop or ship the mask with lenses already installed

Use our dedicated prescription mask builder

Prescription dive masks are a must for anyone seeking clear vision underwater, and now prescription mask building is super easy with our online prescription mask builder. Just choose which Prescription Mask you need, and you'll be offered a range of compatible lenses. Whether you're an experienced scuba diver or just getting started, this Prescription Mask Builder is the perfect tool to get exactly what you need. So don't worry about any hassle or confusion; select your Prescription Mask, and we'll ensure you get the right accessories and lenses to equip yourself for the best and safest dive ever!


Prescription Lenses for Dive Mask Builder



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If you are an avid scuba diver but need glasses, don't forget to get yourself a prescription dive mask. It can seriously improve your underwater experience and can be a game-changer for any diver! By wearing prescription lenses, you will no longer need to squint and strain your eyes as you try to take in the stunning beauty of the ocean. If you need some advice in purchasing your first prescription dive mask get in touch with our helpful Customer Service Team at