Christmas Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers

The madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over, December is here and that means that Christmas shopping can begin in earnest.

There are just so many shiny new things that we all want as a diver that it can be difficult to decide what to put in your letter to Santa. To help with this dilemma we have come up with some lists of our own to inspire you in your wish list creation.

Whether it's a little gift to go in your stocking or a big present to try and fit under the tree, we'll have something that is perfect for you or your loved ones.

To make things even easier we have come up with our own Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas and also grouped suggested products together into price brackets.

Top 10 Gift Ideas


Gift Vouchers

Mike's Dive Store Gift Vouchers are the perfect scapegoat, the recipient will know that you love diving or snorkelling but it gives them the ultimate decision of what to get, avoiding any awkward moments and forced smiles.

Our Vouchers are available in £10 denominations up to £150 and are sent digitally giving you the option of printing out as a gift or even purchasing as a very last minute stocking filler.


Scuba Diving Watches

Every diver likes to boast about the fact that they are actually a diver but there very few ways to start that conversation with a non diver. One of them though is when they comment on your great looking watch....."Thanks...its a SCUBA DIVING watch..."

We have a wide choice of diving watches this year in different styles, colours and sizes to suit all tastes.


Scuba Diving Tools

We all have to do some sort of maintenance on our diving kit at some point, whether it is replacing an O-ring or old hose, fitting a new bit of kit or re-configuring for a dive trip

These things are tough to do without the right tools and luckily we have all sorts of scuba diving tool kits and handy specialist tools to make maintenance easier.


Dive Knives

Dive Knives are an essential piece of kit to deal with the ropes, lines and nets left behind by fishing boats and most divers will carry more than one as a redundancy.

Small Dive Knives like the Aqua Lung Micro Squeeze Knife or Eezycut Trilobite make excellent Christmas presents or stocking fillers.


Underwater Kinetics Hangir

The Underwater Kinetics Hangair has been around for years but remains one of our best selling products.

No-one likes to put a damp and smelly wetsuit back on before a dive. The Hangair speeds up the internal drying process by drawing air up through the suit and helping to remove the moisture. It is great for drysuits too!


Oceanic Reef Aria Full Face Snorkelling Mask

Do you know someone that is into their snorkelling or wants to try it but feels claustrophobic in a mask? How about an OceanReef Aria full face snorkelling mask?

The Aria is a revolution for snorkellers, allowing natural breathing through the nose or mouth and features a dry snorkel valve to stop water from entering the mask. It even comes in a choice of colours and has a range of accessories to go with it.


Scuba Diving Torches

Dive Torches come in a wide range of sizes and brightness levels. Whether you are after a new primary torch as a main present or looking for a backup torch as a stocking filler we'll have something for you.


TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask

The TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask is easily our best selling mask and it isn't hard to see why.

TUSA is well known for quality, innovation and comfort when it comes to masks and the Ceos is no exception. All the latest technologies and materials, a mind blowing choice of colours and it is compatible with prescription lenses.


Scuba Diving Mask Accessories

Mask Accessories make great stocking fillers as there is so much choice. Add a neoprene mask strap, anti-fog, lenses cleaner or a protective case. All these are really useful for any diver or snorkeler.


Marine Life Books & Slates

One of the main reasons we dive is to experience the fantastic array of marine life that resides in the underwater world. Wouldn't it be great to know what we are looking at whilst down there!

We have a large selection of marine life identification books and waterproof slates that cover everything from the tiny nudibranch to giant whales in the different regions of the world.

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