Sealife's Customisable Camera System


Sealife has a wide range of great camera and light packages that are designed to suit the needs of most divers. However, we have realised that many divers don't know that you can easily create almost any set-up you could want with the Sealife Flex-Connect System.

Sealife Flex-Connect System

First off, a camera by itself is a great starting place if you want to start small and upgrade later. If however, you are looking for a more full-featured and professional style set up off the bat, Sealife offers loads of great packages with cameras and lights together, such as the Micro 2.0 Pro 2500 Set. 

From one of these starting points you can launch off and add pieces to upgrade your system so it suits your needs. One of the first pieces we suggest adding to your camera and light system is the Sea Dragon Red Fire Filter. Unlike most red filters, this one is designed for your light! As it turns out, many undersea organisms don't enjoy bright lights shining in their faces and will swim away faster than a celebrity can run away from the paparazzi.

Pufferfish      Sealife Red Fire Filter

This makes it really hard to get good photos or video of some of these creatures, especially the dark-loving ones. Most undersea organisms actually can't detect red light wavelengths, which means this filter allows you to get great, lit video or photos of these creatures without bothering them.

If you're looking to get bright video that looks more professional, a great option is to add a second light! The Sealife Dual Tray lets you do just that, opening the possibility to have two video lights, or even a video light and the Sea Dragon Underwater Flash, allowing you to switch seamlessly between video and photo. 

Sealife DC1400 Pro Duo Set

If you want more versatility from your lights you can add a Flex-Connect Arm to add 7 inches of length and flexibility of how you position the lights. This allows you to make sure each shot is perfectly lit!

If you really want to get creative you can even use this GoPro Adaptor to attach a GoPro to an arm, or combine it with the Cold-Shoe Mount to attach one to the top of your DC1400.

Hopefully this gave you some options for how you can upgrade Sealife Cameras to really take advantage of the modular system. If you are looking to start off with a set that incorporates a lot of these items to start with, the Sealife DC1400 Sea Dragon Maxx Duo is a top-quality, full-featured photo/video set. If not, why not have a look at everything Sealife has to offer?