All New Scubapro Novalight 720 Torch Range

January 29, 2016

Scubapro has always been known for making innovations in dive equipment and now they have yet again taken torches to a new level with the Novalight 720 range. The Novalight 700 and 700R were a big hit and probably our most popular torches for a long while.

The new Novalight 720 offers a lot more than just 20 extra lumens of brightness, though of course that's a big plus. With new features and the new Wide torch, the range is bigger than ever before, but still just as affordable, one of the reasons we loved them in the first place.

Scubapro Novalight 720 Dive TorchThe standard Novalight 720 is a great all-arounder primary torch. It's incredibly bright, has a runtime of up to 10 hours and new CREE XPL LEDs. Also new to the 720, there is now the option to run the torch at 100% or 50% power. Running the torch at half power obviously provides less brightness, but greatly increases the burn time, which can be useful.

Scubapro Novalight 720RNext up in the line is the Novalight 720R. This torch offers the same best-in-class illumination as the 720, but in a much more compact, rechargeable package. It's smaller size and rechargeable nature make it a great back-up torch, or even a primary. It has burn time of about 2.5 hours on full power, and like all the other torches in the range is depth-rated to 300m. 



Scubapro Novalight 720 Wide Dive TorchCompletely new to the Novalight range is the Novalight 720 Wide. It offers all the same fantastic features as the standard Novalight 720, but with a much wider beam angle of about 80°. This makes it much better for illuminating a large area, which is probably better for night dives, however, if you need your light to penetrate murky UK waters, the standard 720 with its 50° beam is probably the better option.

Scubapro Novalight 720R Wide Dive TorchLast but not least, the Novalight 720R Wide. This torch is the combination of the new wide light head with the rechargeable body. Compact and fairly light, this torch is perfect for those travelers who are looking to do a bit of night diving on their holidays. It is an incredibly reliable torch, with double O-rings to prevent it from flooding and knurled grip for easy on-off and slip prevention.

All of these new torches are truly fantastic options and we are excited to be able to offer them to you. We expect these torches will be even more popular than the original Novalight 700 torches were, so you might want to pick one up soon!

Scubapro Novalight 720 Dive Torch Range


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