Thinking of a new drysuit? Why not look at Waterproof?


So the New Year has come around and it's now the time a lot of us look to our dive gear to see what needs updating. It's often easy to pull the trigger on a new mask, or set of regs, but with drysuits their higher price tags and wide ranging differences can make it hard to know where to start.

Waterproof have been around since 1984 and with their knowledge of the market, have created a range of drysuits diverse enough to suit almost any diver, but not so huge the options become dizzying. Not to mention, the quality of the suits is stunning.


Waterproof D1 DrysuitLets start with the D1. By far the priciest suit Waterproof offer, but also the most technologically advanced and durable. This suit takes the best features of Tri-Laminate suits, but eliminates the major downfall, the bulky, unseemly undersuits. Using Patented 3D Mesh technology, they have managed to incorporate enough warmth into the suit itself so that only thin underlayers need to be worn with the suit. This means getting the suit on is not a sweaty process that you need a drink of water after completing. The 3D Mesh also wicks away moisture so any sweat or moist air will condense in-between the mesh and the outer Tri-Laminate, keeping you dry and comfortable. It also has a closer fit than typical Tri-laminate suits, which eliminates the bagginess felt in some other suits.

Another important feature of the D1 is the seal system. The wrist and neck seals are both made of silicone, and attached via a ring system. This system allows you to replace them with ease, even on a dive site if you have a replacement seal handy. This massively cuts down on the long-term cost by eliminating the need to ship the suit to be serviced for a tear like you would with latex seals. The Ring system also means it's cinch to fit the suit with a dry glove system if you want that feature. The D1 is definitely the poster boy for Waterproof drysuits, but for a good reason.  


Waterproof D7 DrysuitNext up is the D7. This suit has many of the great features of the D1, minus the 3D Mesh. However it is more than just a classic front-zip Tri-lam suit. The integrated Silicone ring seals, reinforced Tri-laminate, Kevlar knee pads and telesopic torso show a lot of thought has been put into this suit to make it comfortable and a joy to wear. It is really built to last, so if you are an instructor, tech diver or simply a demanding diver making several dives a week, this might be a good option for you. 


Waterproof D10 Neoprene DrysuitNow for the neoprene lovers. Don't worry if Tri-Laminate suits are just not your thing, Waterproof hasn't forgotten about you. The D10 is a fantastic suit, and definitely has convinced a few drysuit divers to switch to neoprene! With a closer fit than any shell suit, this suit is incredibly comfortable, ans uses only a 3.5mm neoprene thickness to eliminate bulk. It uses the same integrated silicone seal system as the D1 and D7, meaning changing seals is far easier than normal. With reinforced rubber knees and PU-Reinforced shoulders, the suit can take much more of a beating than your average neoprene suit.


Waterproof D9 DrysuitLast but certainly not least is the D9. This is the ultimate lightweight travel drysuit. "Travel-Friendly" and "Drysuit" may seem to be mutually exclusive terms, but Waterproof has achieved the seemingly impossible with the D9. This suit is perfect for divers going on cold-water holidays, especially if you are headed someplace like the Galapagos. Sure, you might get away with a 7mm and layered shorty, but this is much lighter, and feels less bulky on, honest!

The suit uses standard latex seals and instead of boots, has socks, both to reduce weight. It's a simple matter to slip on a neoprene sock and boots over, which many divers find more comfortable anyway. Not just for travel though, the D9 is also a great option for divers who typically only do 20 or so cold-water UK dives a year, for which something like the D7 may be overkill.



Hopefully this helped give an idea of the amazing range of drysuits Waterproof has to offer, however we know it can still be an intimidating choice, especially for a first drysuit. If you are interested in any of the suits and want to chat about the options, or try one on, don't hesitate to call us or shoot us an email so we can give you a hand.