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Scubapro S1 Pro Stereo Carbon Freediving Fin

Scubapro have an entire new line of carbon apnea fins developed in partnership with Trygons, renowned to associate with world-record setting freedivers.

William Winram used them in his latest Bi-fins world record and dived 94 meters making them »the deepest going stereo fins«.

A super powerful apnea fin made with a 99% carbon blade for exceptional power recovery and unparalleled performance.

  • Hydrodynamic, ultra soft, lessens drag
  • Super powerful with practically no effort
  • 99% carbon
  • High performing blades with soft rails
  • 1.3kg
  • Ultimate power transmission


34-36 3-4 days
36-38 3-4 days
38-40 3-4 days
40-42 3-4 days
42-44 3-4 days
44-46 3-4 days
46-48 3-4 days
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