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  • Description

    ?The Mares XR 25X First Stage is a high performance diaphragm design first stage that has been specifically built for advanced and technical diving. The 25X delivers excellent cold water performance and reliability, only has port on one side for optimised twin, stage and sidemount diving and it is environmentally sealed.

    The 25X is machined from a single piece of nickel plated, marine brass for extra strength, features heat exchanger fins on the bottom of the body for additional cold water performance and it's compact design helps to keep it out of the way during the dive. There are two medium pressure and a one high pressure ports that have been perfectly angled for optimal hose routing.

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  • Features
    • Full metal body
    • nickel-plated marine brass
    • Compact, solid one-piece body
    • Balanced diaphragm - DFC
    • New Tri-Material valve - Advanced coating technology
    • Dry cold water kit
    • DIN only
    • Trimix, Heliox, Helitrox use down to 150m
    • 2 MP ports (3/8'' UNF) all angled downward
    • 1 HP port (fml: Flow Made Lateral) powered (7/16'' UNF)
    • Extreme reliability Highest safety
    • Maximised breathing comfort
    • Extreme depth, engaged dives & Mixed gas diving (Helium, O2, Nitrogen)
    • Perfect MP hoses positioning - no useless port - Offering perfect, snagfree hose positioning.
    • For twinset use but equally suitable for single or stage cylinderconfigurations
    • [fml: Flow Made Lateral] concept for HP
    • Dual configuration: fits all certifying agencies from RSTC to DIR divers andall tec uses including cave
    • Minimised risk of accidental snagging + no hose kinking + easier access tothe manifold valves.
    • Environmental dry system = keeping water out of the main spring chamber +preventing ice buildup + keeping silt and contamination out
    • Cold water resistant
  • Specifications
    • Flow Rate at end of one 210cm/7ft long low pressure hose (stp) -1200 l/min - 42 cuft/min
    • Static intermediate pressure
    • (0-300bar/4350psi supply pressure) -8.8-9.4bar / 127-136psi
    • Dynamic Flow Control (dFC) Up to 9.9bar / 144psi
    • High pressure ports 1 (7/16 UNF)
    • low pressure ports 2 (3/8 UNF)
    • of which dFC ports 1
    • Weight DIN: 758g / 27oz
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