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Fourth Element Mens Drybase Leggings


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The Fourth Element Men's Drybase high performance leggings are a perfect alternative to cotton underwear, which tend to hold more moisture next to the skin, making it feel clammy, uncomfortable and cold.

These leggings made out of unique Drybase material, provide excellent thermal protection and keep skin drier and more comfortable during the dive. Flat seams throughout the garment, high waist to tuck an undergarment shirt into securely, and wide elasticated waistband maximize next to skin comfort.

Better Performance

Fourth Element’s Drybase is the ultra fast wicking undergarment system created for drysuit diving, meant to be worn underneath a thinsulate or other undersuit. It is a perfect alternative to cotton which holds moisture and perspiration more easily next to the skin, where it can feel clammy, uncomfortable and cold. The high wicking performance keeps the skin dry and the diver enjoys a much more comfortable dive. A high performing undergarments also mean that the wearer gets the most out of the performance of their undersuit.

Stay Warmer

The benefits of wearing a base layer next to the skin are not limited to the performance during the dive only. Wearing a base layer under regular clothing before the dive saves time as the diver does not need to strip off completely to get ready. It is a good way to stay warmer while preparing for the dive as well. Any perspiration and possible moisture from suit leaks will be wicked away from the skin by the base layer, making getting out of the drysuit after the dive a more comfortable and warmer experience.

Drybase - Fast Wicking Baselayer

Using ultra fast wicking fabric, the Drybase garments are the ideal alternative to cotton underneath a thinsulate or other undersuit. The garments' exceptional wicking performance means that the skin is kept dry and the wearer is much more comfortable during and after the dive, and is able to get the most out for the performance of their undersuit.


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