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Aqualung Core Supreme Pro HD BCD Dive Gear Package

We have put together what we think is a spot-on Dive Equipment Package for beginner or intermediate diver who wants reliable, affordable products that will last for years to come.

The Core Supreme is the Ford Focus of the dive world. It will do anything you can throw at it and still smile and keep delivering your air.

The Aqualung PRO HD BCD is for a diver who wants a good quality BCD with no frills that will still provide coverage while diving in the UK with a drysuit on.

In this Classic Dive Equipment Package you will receive:

1 x Aqualung Core Supreme Regulator and Octopus

1 x Aqualung Pro HD BCD

1 x Aqualung Contents and Depth Gauge Console

Reliable, durable, versatile and comfortable... and for a great price for this level of quality too!


BCD Size
X-Small 3 days
Small 3 days
Medium 3 days
Medium/Large 3 days
Large 3 days
X-Large 3 days
XX-Large 3 days
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