Suunto Ocean Dive Functionalities

Suunto Ocean Dive Functionalities
  • Dive modes: Single – and Multigas, Freedive, Snorkeling, Mermaiding
  • Support for maximum 5 gases (Oxygen 21-100%)
    • Configurable ppO2
  • Suunto Bühlmann 16 GF decompression model
    • No lock-out if ceiling break
    • Custom adjustment of Gradient Factors
    • Continuous and stepped ascent profiles
  • Automatic dive detection
  • Gas switching during dive (Multigas only)
  • NDL alarm (non configurable)
  • Configurable depth, dive time alarms (max 5)
  • High PPO2, CNS/OTU alarms
  • CNS & OTU calculations
  • Time to surface calculations
  • No fly and surface time calculations
  • Configurable dive start depth setting
  • Configurable dive end delay
  • Wrist heart rate & heart rate belt pairing
  • Brightness adjustment during dive
  • Button lock during dive
  • Temperature, time, max depth, avg depth, MOD, Sunset ETA during dive
  • Dive history: dive count, max depth, longest dive, accumulated dive time
  • Dive specific watch face
  • Dive summary


  • Real-time tank pressure
  • Real-time gas consumption and avg gas consumption after dive
  • Gas time during dive
  • Configurable tank pressure alarms


  • Surface specific views: navigation, timer, surface timer
  • Dive specific view
  • Depth, dive time alarms (max 5)
  • Configurable dive start depth setting
  • Ascend and descend speed during dive


  • Force pairing with Suunto App
  • Automatic GPS start and end location
  • Show dive route in 3D
  • Automatic software updates
  • Other SA features same as for previous devices