Refilling your Spare Air

Refilling your Spare Air


Have you ever filled a bike tire? Refilling Spare Air is just as easy. One of the best features of Spare Air is that you can simply and easily refill it yourself - allowing you to be in control of your own safety. 

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Refilling from Diving Cylinder

Spare Air is easily refilled from your own SCUBA tank in about 1 minute. Simply attach the adaptor that is included in every Spare Air package to your own SCUBA tank. There is no need to make a separate trip to the dive store to get Spare Air refilled.


Remove the protective plastic cap from the check valve located next to the Pressure Indicator. Remember to replace the cap after filling to protect the check valve from dust and dirt.


Gently attach the Yoke Adapter to your Spare Air by screwing the narrow end to the one-way check valve.

Spare Air - Fit refill adaptor


Place the refill adaptor onto a filled SCUBA Tank. Slowly open the tank valve to allow the pressure to equalise, filling your Spare Air.

Spare Air - Fit to cylinder

Pressure Check

Every Spare Air includes a standard pressure indicator. When the white stem is elevated as shown, your Spare Air is full. For a more accurate reading, an optional Dial Gauge is available.

Spare Air Pressure Indicator: Requires Filling

Pressure Indicator: Spare Air requires filling

Spare Air Pressure Indicator: Full

Pressure Indicator: Spare Air is filled to 3000 psi.

Spare Air Dial Gauge: Full

Dial Gauge: Read the amount of air pressure in 200 psi increments.