Wetsuit Shop London

Wetsuit Shop London

If you want a great selection of wetsuits from children's wetsuits right through to adults wetsuits then Mike's Dive Store based in Chiswick West London is the place to visit. Mike's London Dive Shop has over 500 wetsuits on offer from 0.5mm tropical wetsuits, 3mm warm water wetsuits through to 7mm semi dry wetsuits.

Largest Stock In London

We have the largest stock of wetsuits available in London with a huge choice of sizes and styles for scuba diving, snorkeling and surface sports. Our team are not only knowledgeable but experienced with years of being in, on or around the water in pretty much every condition imaginable. You tell us what you need a suit for and we'll help you find the perfect one.

Top Brands of Wetsuits Available

We only stock the brands and wetsuits that meet our high expectations to ensure your new wetsuit will be able to keep you comfortable and warm when you need it. Some of the top brands that we stock include O'Neill, Scubapro, Fourth Element, Aqualung and Waterproof.

O'Neill Wetsuits
Scubapro Wetsuits
Fourth Element Wetsuits
Aqua Lung Wetsuits
Waterproof Wetsuits

We have a wide choice of full length steamer wetsuits and shorty wetsuits in both male and female cuts in everything from 1mm skin suits and rash guards to 7mm thick semi-dry suits. We aren't limited to neoprene wetsuits either with alternatives from Fourth Element and Sharkskin to provide you with the warmth of 2mm neoprene but without the buoyancy issues and they are perfect for anyone with neoprene allergies!

Don't forget the kids! We have kids wetsuits as well to fit a variety of ages and in different thicknesses and styles to suit cold or warm water temperatures.

London Wetsuit Shop

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Pop in and see us. We are easy to get to by car and public transport. We are also less than 10 miles from Heathrow airport so you've still got a chance to get the last few essentials for your diving or snorkeling trip before you board your plane. Full contact details and directions can be found on our Visit Us page.