Fourth Element SubXero Undersuit

The SubXero has been developed for use underneath membrane and trilaminate drysuits and all independent testers have rated it as the warmest undersuit they have tried. Windproof, and waterproof. the suit consists of a jacket and salopette or 'farmer john' giving maximum protection to the body core. It will also continue to provide thermal protection if it becomes wet, either by a leak or more fundamental suit failure.

The outer material is a trilaminate material comprising a nylon/polyester outer and microfibre inner, bonded to a breathable, but waterproof membrane. The inner material is a 400g shearling fleece, which provides high performance thermal protection and wicks moisture away from the skin.

The SubXero has been designed with the dive and the surface interval in mind. Practical pockets double as vents during the dive to help prevent air being trapped in the suit, cuffs at the wrists and ankles are adjustable and a large vented patch on the arm has a wind proof backing to prevent windchill when not wearing a drysuit, but allowing air to escape from the auto dump when diving.

The arm vent is made of a stiff mesh material, ensuring that it will allow easy air release, through the shoulder dump, without interfering with the dump valve. The interior fabric at this point has a windproof lining, which prevents windchill through the arm vent during the surface interval, making the jacket useful in its own right.

The pockets on the jacket and salopettes are zipped for security, but the pocket lining is a mesh, allowing the pockets to be opened to act as vents during the dive. This helps to prevent air becoming trapped and speeds up the process of dumping air from the dry suit.

The removable crotch strap helps ensure that the jacket remains in place and does not ride up during the dive. The strap is attached with pinch clips and can be easily removed after the dive.

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