Fourth Element Arctic Expedition -Features

Fourth Element Arctic Expedition -Features

The Fourth Element Arctic Expedition range of undersuits is extremely warm yet low bulk and features bodymapped panels for enhanced insulation in critical areas.

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Retractable Thumbloops

Unique thumbloops prevent the sleeves riding up when donning the drysuit, but retract to prevent them being caught in the wrist seals.

Zipped Hip Pocket

A zipped hip pocket is positioned for ease of access whilst wearing a cross zip drysuit, without needing to remove the suit and is ideal for carrying a key.

Unique Fabrics

The outer fabric is protected with a ceramic print to minimize any effect of abrasion from the inside of drysuits, and waterproof fabric provides further protection to the knees and seat.

Handwarmer Pockets

Handwarmer pockets on the leggings provide added comfort. Pre-drilled for p-valves.