Aqualung Master Breathing System

Aqualung Master Breathing System

The Aqualung Master Breathing System (MBS) is a new way for the diver to adjust the breathing effort of their second stage. It is easier and gives the diver less to think about.

Rather than having two separate controls (venturi switch and adjustment knob) as many regulators do today, the MBS controls both functions with one knob! This patented system will provide the diver with the optimum ratio of venturi assist and opening effort. The diver will quickly master breathing comfort.

With the MBS on maximum position, the internal spring is relaxed and the opening effort is very low. The venturi assist is wide open.

With one revolution of the MBS knob, it changes to the minimum position. The spring is now compressed, increasing the opening effort and the venturi assist is minimised. The risk of a free flow situation is minimum.

Aqua Lung Master Breathing System