Cressi Twin Console

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  • Description

    The Cressi Twin Console is a small console that houses the Cressimini pressure gauge and a new, small, analogical depth gauge.

    On the luminescent face the first 12m, which generally corresponds to the area of decompression stops, are spaced out and perfectly legible. The end scale is at 70 metres and the face is divided into three different coloured zones: green up to 20 metres, light blue from 20 to 40 metres, red from 40 metres to the end of the scale.

    The instrument has amaximum depth indicatorthat recordsthe maximum depth reached during the dive (must be reset before the next dive). The pressure and depth gauges are positioned in such a way that both instruments can be read quickly and easily in any conditions.

    At the end of the console, slightly to the sides, there aretwo loops for fastening the instrumentto your BCD so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment.

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  • Features

    Depth Gauge:

    • Case material: chromium plated brass
    • End scale: 70 metres or 230 feet
    • Face: luminescent with coloured sections
    • Functioning: membrane
    • Special characteristics: maximum depth indicator, coloured sections
    • Instrument diameter: 50 mm
    • Instrument height: 24.5 mm

    Mini pressure gauge:

    • Case material: chromium plated brass
    • End scale: 350 bar or 5000 psi
    • Face: luminescent with coloured sections
    • Pressure release valve: incorporated
    • Instrument diameter: 50 mm
    • Height of case: 14 mm
    • Total instrument height: 17 mm
    • Hose diameter: 11 mm

    Miniconsole 2:

    • weight: 420 g (including HP hose)
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