XDeep NX Project Stainless Steel Wing System

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  • Description

    The XDeep NX Project wing system is a complete setup with harness, stainless steel backplate and harness. The systems applies engineering innovation, materials technology and design expertise in rigorous detail, ensuring the performance of the equipment compliments and supports the performance of the diver.

    The NX Project has sufficient lift to support multiple stage diving with ease, managing to achieve this in a tightly streamlined profile. This narrower profile reduces drag, easing your resistance and effort through the water, improving gas consumption and reducing the chance of entanglement. They have also minimised the traditional dead zone found in classic wings. As a result the wing delivers the equivalent lift of a much larger wing in a smaller, narrower and tightly streamlined shape.

    The NX Project improves on many aspects of the traditional wing including a revolutionary adaptor that connects the inflator to the bladder, eliminating traditional failure points like elbows, threads and gaskets. The big advantage is the resulting space that is created at the top of the wing, allowing much better access to cylinder valves and hoses. The new simple direct connection to the wing also greatly improves air flow in and out of the wing, making buoyancy control more precise.

    The backplate has also been improved from the traditional size and shape, enlarging the upper part of the back plate to achieve better weight distribution during the dive and remove load form the lumbar region. The lower plate design spreads the load equally and allows for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories. The new NX Series back plate is more comfortable, more stable and more protective of your back than any other classic plate.

    The harness is based on the DIR standard but the new backplate design has made more changes possible that improve comfort, fit and practicality. When unfastened the shoulder straps are 20% longer than in a standard one piece, making kitting up or kit removal much easier. Tightening the waist buckle tensions the shoulder straps to provide the perfect fit.

    The harness also features a V shape crotch strap that is more comfortable by better spreading the load both in and out of the water. Long scooters become a pleasure and even large capacity twinsets and multiple stages will not become unstable.

    Size Guide:

    • Small - For divers less than 175 cm tall
    • Standard - For divers 175 cm and more tall
  • Features
    • CORDURA 1100 dTEX
    • Anti-bacterial coating
    • TPU 0.215mm coating
    • "K" type inflator
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • HF welding
    • Fabric laser cutting
    • Amann Serabond thread
    • Triple, fully trimmed seams
    • 3D Mesh
    • CNC edge bevelling
  • Specifications
    Basic parameters PROJECT Standard
    Perfect for: Deep decompression technical dives with multiple stages. Exploration diving.
    BCD sizes available: 23kg 52lbs
    Harness type: NX SeriesStandard
    Harness sizes available: For divers less than 175cmtall (S)
    For divers 175cmand more tall (L)
    Harness adjustment: Adjusted with the tri-gliders
    Backplate pads: Standard,3D Meshof neutral buoyancy
    Shoulder straps padding: Optional
    Crotch strap: Comfortable "V-shaped" crotch strap
    with two cargo D-rings on the sides
    Full set weight
    (without weight pockets):
    3.3kg 7.3lbs
    Buoyancy compensator
    Buoyancy: 23kg 52lbs
    Type: Toroidal wing-style BCD
    Construction: Double shell
    Cordura 1100dTEX
    Bladder fabric: Nylon 440dTEX
    Spacing between backplate mounting holes: 11inches
    Dry BC weight
    (without harness):
    1kg 2.2lbs
    Type: K-Type
    Supply pressure: Between 6bar and 17.23bar (250PSI)
    Permissible tank parameters
    Cylinder type: Double tank system (twinset)
    Maximum size: 2x18L
    Diameter: Between 140mm and 240mm
    Operating temperature
    Water temperature: Between -2C and 40C
    Air temperature: Between -20C and 60C
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