Top 3 Dive Computers For Beginner Scuba Divers

Top 3 Dive Computers For Beginner Scuba Divers

Top Dive Computers For Beginner Divers

Being a newbie diver, you don’t want to have an over-complicated watch that boasts multiple and advanced features. As you’re just starting out in diving, you’ll most likely look for something that’s simple, easy to use, easy to read and budget-friendly. Because what’s the point of having an advanced dive computer if you’re not using all of its features, anyway? You’ll be paying the premium just to use its basic and standard dive functions to start. 

This is why we recommend that beginner divers invest in the simple dive computer designs before they move onto more advanced technology. We’ve reviewed all the dive computers in the market for 2022 and here’s the list that I've compiled on best dive computers for beginner divers. These dive computers are great for beginner divers as they are simple to use, yet include all the features needed for a safe dive. 

Quick Look 

Mares Smart Dive Computer 

Suunto Zoop Nova Dive Computer

Mares Quad Dive Computer

Mares Smart Dive Computer 

Mares Smart Dive Computer - Mike's Dive Store

A great budget friendly option for beginner divers, the Mares Smart Dive Computer is highly user friendly and comes with a super sharp and clear watch display. This dive computer is suitable for entry-level divers who are looking for a compact computer that provides all the dive information needed. This dive watch is also designed to be sporty enough to wear everyday as your daily watch. 

Many divers agree that this is one of the best beginner dive computers on the market due to its simplicity and functions. It provides all features that beginning divers need without the overwhelming features they’ll never use. 

The Mares Smart Dive Computer is a beautifully designed dive computer that is a great all-rounder, capable of multi-gas and freediving. It also has Lots of safety features that comes in handy for beginner divers, such as its ascent rate lockout, that will prevent you from making mistakes.

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Suunto Zoop Nova Dive Computer 

Suunto Zoop Nova Dive Computer - Mike's Dive Store

The Suunto Zoop Nova Dive Computer is yet again another top favourite, budget-friendly dive computer that's one of our best sellers. Many divers say that it is a great value, easy-to-operate dive computer! The new design uses the intuitive four button navigation, making it super simple to operate and navigate around.

The dive computer’s display is one of the larger designs of dive computers, so it’s great for easy reading for beginner divers. The display included an easy-to-read presentation with an enlarged matrix screen that offers better contrast and readability.

The Zoop Novo is an excellent entry level dive computer that also comes with some advanced features that aren't found on any of its competition in the same price bracket. 

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Mares Quad Dive Computer

Mares Quad Dive Computer - Mike's Dive Store

One of the main features that makes the Mares Quad Dive Computer a top computer for beginner divers is that it has a very large, easy to read LCD segment display which shows all the essential dive information even at a quick glance. So beginner divers will have no difficulty in reading the numbers and display. 

It also features a four button navigation system and simple menus that make navigating and setting up the computer very easy. The Mares Quad Dive Computer’s operation is simplicity itself, especially considering it has features like three-gas switching and a programmable runaway deco alarm. 

The display set up on this dive computer is quite handy as the screen is split up into clearly defined sections and are labelled on the right hand side of the screen for quick reference. The easy-to-read display is sectioned into depth information with maximum depth, current depth, decompression information, decompression stop details and dive time. 

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There is a wide variety of dive computers out there in the market that’s designed for every scuba diver’s needs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about what dive computer will best suit your needs, please email us at where we have a team of scuba diving professionals. Or if you live locally or in the surrounding areas of London, pop in and come visit us in-store where you can take a look at our range yourself and find the perfect dive computer for you. 

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Mares Smart Dive Computer, Suunto Zoop Nova Dive Computer, Mares Quad Dive Computer.