Suunto D4i Novo Copper Dive Computer Review

Suunto D4i Novo Copper Dive Computer

The Suunto D4i Novo Copper is one of the newest colours to be added to the D4i Novo line along with the Light Gold. Whilst the Novo redesign added a much needed improvement to the styling of the D4i, in our opinion the Copper colour with it it's black housing / strap and polished copper buttons and bezel just makes it look that little bit different and professional compared to competing dive computers in that price bracket.

Suunto developed the D4i Novo to be a lightweight and compact yet robust computer that not only delivered everything that the average recreational diver could need (especially those that travel) but also functioned really well as a stylish everyday watch. It is also marketed at those that enjoy a spot of freediving with an apnea mode that will record data samples much faster than the normal dive mode for accurate depth readings and analysis.

Style and Functions

Suunto D4i Novo Copper Dive Computer
Suunto D4i Novo Copper Dive Computer Lifestyle
Suunto D4i Novo Copper Dive Computer Diving

A lot of the lovely lifestyle photos and videos promoting the D4i Novo Dive Computer show divers using them in nice clear tropical waters or sat on pristine sandy beaches so it is clear that Suunto intended this to be a winner with travelling holiday divers and that is reflected in the specification as well. To make it lightweight the housing is made from a composite material that provides the rigidity to surpass the depth rating for recreational divers and gives more options in terms of colours without needing to specially coat a stainless steel case. The elastomer strap was also upgraded to a silicone version to better conform to the shape of your wrist, making it more comfortable to wear everyday or for long periods of time.

Given that the D4i Novo is targeted at recreational divers it features everything that you would expect. Air and Nitrox dive modes, a built in dive planner, optional wireless air integration, split segment and dot matrix display. Currently the D4i Novo also includes a data transfer / interface cable that allows the owner to download dive profile data BUT Suunto will soon be removing the cable from the box and lowering the recommended retail price to ensure the computer stays competitively priced in the ever changing diving market.

Free Transfer Cable

To that end we have been actively buying up stock of the D4i Novo and have secured all the stock of the Copper left in the UK that includes the interface cable in the box. We are preemptively selling the D4i Novo at the new reduced price but still including the cable whilst stocks last, effectively giving you a transfer cable for free!

The data cable gives you the option of downloading your dive profile data to your computer using the official Suunto Dive Manager 5 (DM5) software. DM5 is a great way to download, track, analyse and plan your dives.

Compatible Accessories

The D4i Novo is compatible with a selection of accessories, the obvious one being the wireless LED transmitter. The benefits of using the transmitter are quite simple - your cylinder pressure is displayed prominently on the thing you look as most frequently when diving, the computer will be able to calculate your air time remaining and it gives you the option of removing your analogue pressure gauge should you want to.

There is a wide range of alternative strap colours available if you fancy mixing it up a bit, extension straps in other colours if you want to replace the black one that comes in the box, display shields to protect your the mineral crystal glass against abrasion damage and scratches (two come in the box) as well as a padded soft pouch to protect the whole computer when you aren't wearing it.

Interactive Tool

If you fancy the look of the D4i Novo but would like to see it in action beforehand, check out Suunto's interactive tool that demonstrates the computer on a virtual dive, shows the display as it changes during the dive and explains a number of the features of the dive computer.