Scubapro's Carbon Dive Regulators Range

Scubapro Carbon Black Tech Dive Regulator

Benefits of owning a Scubapro Carbon Regulator

Scubapro's range of regulators is terrific. You can have a decent Scubapro MK2 for pool or tropical water diving or MK19 or Mk25 suitable for cold water diving, while Mk11 and Mk17 first stages will be fantastic all-rounders. However, there are special types of regs that people purchase for their outstanding looks and performance, and these are Carbon Black Tech Regulators. The Scubapro Carbon Regulator offers superior performance thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre construction. Not only does this enable it to resist substantial shocks without damage, but it also allows for a large diaphragm inside a compact casing, providing improved sensitivity and responsiveness. To ensure optimum durability, the Scubapro Carbon Regulators are coated with DLC Black Tech – anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant coating that gives your regulator a unique technical look. With the Scubapro Carbon Regulator, you can count on the superior underwater performance and stylish flair above ground! Get yours today and experience the benefits of owning a Scubapro Carbon Regulator. Dive in with confidence.

  • Lighter than standard technopolymer cases
  • Highly Resistant to impact-made for technical cave diving
  • Fantastic cutting-edge look and performance

    MK19 Evo Black Tech /G260 Carbon Black Tech Regulator

    The Scubapro Mk19 first stage is a favourite choice for sidemount cave and wreck divers in our Showroom. The Scubapro MK19 EVO Black Tech and G260 Carbon Black Tech Regulators are the latest additions to Scubapro's range of high-performing, durable regulators. These good-looking regulators feature a lightweight carbon fibre construction 24 grams lighter than its standard counterpart, an environmentally sealed first stage with a dry chamber for increased resistance to freezing, and a swivel turret on the first stage that maximises hose routing options for technical divers. The second stage also features a large casing and diaphragm for improved breathing sensitivity in various underwater positions. The diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob also allows you to fine-tune air delivery to suit dive conditions. And lastly, the VIVA dive/pre-dive switch prevents free flow in cold water or when used as an octopus or backup regulator. Why is the G260 suitable for sidemount diving? Well, the Scubapro G260 can be converted as left or right-side hose delivery, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

     Scubapro Carbon Black Tech

    Features of Mk19 Evo G260 Carbon Dive Regulator:

    • The lightweight carbon fibre design is 24 grams lighter than the standard G260.
    • Increased resistance to freezing from internal metal componentry of the second stage
    • Environmentally sealed first stage with a dry chamber
    • The convenient swivel turret on the first stage maximises hose routing options
    • Large casing and diaphragm on the second stage for improved breathing sensitivity in a variety of underwater positions
    • Diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob for fine-tuning airflow
    • VIVA dive/pre-dive switch prevents free flows in cold water or when used as an octopus
    • A super-flow hose with an oversized bore allows more airflow on each inhalation.
    • High-flow exhaust valve reduces exhalation effort for better breathing comfort.
    • Convenient large purge button
    • Easy-to-grip orthodontic mouthpiece for all-day diving comfort
    • Left or right hose feed switchable for the second stage


    Mk25 EVO/A700 Carbon BT Dive Regulator System

    Experience Scubapro's ultimate performance with Scubapro MK25 EVO A700 Black Tech Carbon regulator system. This carbon regulator set is built for extreme conditions, ensuring superior air delivery and protection against the elements. The main casing is made of full metal to take advantage of the exceptionally high heat exchange rate, making it an ideal choice for cold water diving. The front cover has a lightweight and durable carbon fibre construction, which makes it resistant to shocks and scratches. The combination of Scubapro's MK25 EVO first stage and A700 Carbon regulator also comes with a DLC Black Tech coating for maximum corrosion resistance – perfect for those who want top performance in any environment! Get the MK25 EVO/A700 Carbon BT Dive Regulator System! The Scubapro MK25 EVO A700 Black Tech Carbon regulator is the ultimate muscle reg for scuba divers. 

    Features of Mk25 EVO/A700 Carbon BT Dive Regulator System:

    • Handmade carbon fibre front cover, metal casing and metal valve housing (barrel) make for a rugged second stage able to withstand years of aggressive diving.
    • Carbon fibre is exceptionally lightweight and can resist substantial shocks without damage.
    • Metal case construction enables the use of a larger diaphragm inside a compact casing, increasing breathing sensitivity.
    • DLC Black Tech coating protects from corrosion and scratches and lends a technical look to the regulator.
    • Air-balanced second stage smoothes inhalation when diving at varying depths and supply pressures.
    • User controls include a diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and coaxial Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) switch.
    • Air-balanced piston first stage in a Black Tech-coated brass body delivers consistent and effortless airflow, regardless of depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.
    • With its patented ultra-freeze-resistant Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS) the MK25 EVO offers excellent thermal insulation by fully isolating the mechanical elements of the first stage from the cold, all without compromising breathing performance.
    • Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in extreme water temperatures.
    • Two opposing high-pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned up or down.
    • Four high-flow and one axial super high-flow low-pressure ports on a swivel turret maximise hose routing options.
    • External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily.


      Scubapro Mk25 EVO G260/R195 Carbon Black Tech Regulator Set

      The Scubapro Mk25 EVO G260/R195 Carbon Black Tech Regulator Set is the perfect choice for a reliable and durable regulator for tech divers. The upgraded carbon fibre covering and its black-tech finish make it resistant to scratches and abrasion. And the balanced piston MK25 EVO BT provides excellent freezing resistance, instant air delivery on demand and smooth inhalation sensitivity. For those who want maximum performance in cold water conditions, the Scubapro Mk25 EVO G260/R195 Carbon Black Tech Regulator Set features a large diaphragm, internal metal components and a high-flow exhaust valve that gives you enhanced breathing sensitivity.

      Scubapro Carbon Dive Regulator Set

      Additional Scubapro R195 features:

      • Air-balanced valve smoothes out the inhalation effort when diving at all depths.
      • Lightweight casing, made of a fibreglass-reinforced nylon core and a special PU outer layer, is highly durable, helps reduce jaw fatigue, and improves diving comfort.
      • Technopolymer plastic barrel with a metal thread and a balanced valve helps save weight and provides a surface that ice crystals can't grab onto when diving in extremely cold water.
      • The dive/predive switch prevents free flows when not being used.
      • The exhaust tee is compact and very efficient in minimising exhalation effort.
      • The compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece is comfortable, made with FDA-approved silicone and features a large cross-section to maximise airflow.
      • High-viz yellow front cover stands out, making it easy to spot when needed.
      • The high-viz yellow super-flow hose is 39in/1m long with an oversized bore allowing more air flow on each inhalation.
      • CE is certified to the latest EN250A European Standards for all diving conditions, including extreme cold water.



      The Scubapro Carbon Black Tech Dive Regulators offer divers a reliable solution for colder and harsher dives. It is approved for cold water use by the CE, so you can be sure that it meets all of the necessary safety standards. And with its tough and durable design, you can trust that it will remain in good condition even after months of repeated use. Plus, its superior performance makes diving easier and more comfortable than ever before. When it comes to quality dive gear, Scubapro provides an unbeatable combination of reliability, durability, and unique features - making their products some of the best on the market.