New Front Zip Waterproof W8 Wetsuit

New Front Zip Waterproof W8 Wetsuit

Benefits of Front Zip Wetsuits

The front zip wetsuit presents several key advantages. Firstly, it provides increased comfort thanks to its less restrictive design. Unlike back zip wetsuits, many front zip variants halt at the sternum. This means there's significantly less neoprene material around your neck, reducing the chances of feeling restricted or uncomfortable in this area.

Secondly, front zip wetsuits are renowned for their convenience. With fewer individual neoprene panels sewn together, you get enhanced flexibility, particularly around your shoulders and back. This advantage ensures you don't tire or overheat while preparing for your dive. Furthermore, the front zipper design eliminates the need for assistance – you can comfortably handle the zip yourself, providing a seamless transition into your diving adventure.

The new high-performance W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit, a new addition to our Waterproof range, is crafted with the same impeccable design and fit as our popular W7 model but with a convenient front zip. Made from incredibly soft, flexible, and comfortable four-way super-stretch Neoflex, this suit is designed for the diver who refuses to compromise on performance or comfort.

Waterproof W8 5mm Men's Wetsuit  |   Waterproof W8 5mm Women's Wetsuit

Waterproof W8 front zip microcell wetsuit material

The Waterproof W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit is made from Neoflex super-stretch, a 100% microcell limestone CR neoprene. This material selection may be more expensive, but in the realm of diving suits, it represents the apex of quality and durability. The Neoflex super-stretch neoprene boasts superior durability and memory, retaining its shape and fit even after extensive use. Moreover, its insulation properties exceed those of other neoprene grades, offering excellent warmth, which is crucial for comfort and safety during prolonged dives. By using this top-tier material, the Waterproof W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit ensures an unparalleled diving experience every single time.

Waterproof W8 Front Zip Scuba Diving Wetsuit

Waterproof W8 anatomical cut

The Waterproof W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit champions an anatomical fit with a 3D sculpted design. This unique fit allows for maximum mobility and comfort during your diving activities. All critical areas pertaining to movement, including the arms and legs, are pre-bent and specifically engineered to enhance the freedom of movement. The design of the suit follows the natural contours of the body, eliminating unnecessary resistance and reducing fatigue. This means you can dive longer and explore more, unhindered by the limitations of cheap suits.

Recognising the distinct needs of different divers, the Waterproof W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit comes in gender-specific models for both men and women, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Tailored to cater to the specific gender morphologies and comfort requirements of each gender, these models offer an enhanced diving experience. For female divers, in particular, the W8 wetsuit features gender-specific styling. This thoughtful design provides comfortable lift and support, enhancing comfort throughout the dive. 

Waterproof W8 Front Zip Wetsuit

Waterproof W8 5mm Men's Wetsuit  |   Waterproof W8 5mm Women's Wetsuit

Thermal Features on new Waterproof W8 front zip wetsuit

The Waterproof W8 front zip wetsuit includes a tailored SPINE PAD feature. This is a contoured spine pad designed to provide additional protection to the sensitive kidney and spine area. Its thickness ranges from 10 to 12 mm, offering extra cushioning, warmth and comfort, proving once again that the Waterproof W8 front zip wetsuit is the embodiment of innovative design meeting practical usability.

Waterproof w8 front zip spine pad


The W8 features our unique WaterDam solution, designed to prevent water from streaming down your neck and spine when you move your head. Complemented by our double Zipper Seal System located behind the front zipper, we've minimised water flow through the suit to keep you dry. Dual seals with zippers at the arms and legs enhance comfort and facilitate easy donning and doffing.

Waterproof W8 Front Entry Wetsuit


The Waterproof W8 Front Zip Wetsuit is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail, including the wrist and ankle seals. The generous double seals, crafted from super-stretch glide skin neoprene, provide an unrivalled balance between comfort and water tightness. The seals are further equipped with zippers at wrists and ankles, facilitating easy donning and doffing of the wetsuit. To ensure durability and seamless operation in the salty, corrosive marine environment, we use YKK #10 Vislon zippers. These zippers are renowned for their longevity, boasting a 100% corrosion-free slider. The ZipGrip on these zippers, designed for anti-slip, ensures smooth and easy operation, even with wet hands or gloves. This careful attention to minute details underlines our commitment to providing a superior diving gear experience.

Waterproof W8 Front Zip Wetsuit Zips

Inside, a thermal lining ensures the suit remains soft, warm, and comfortable. It's also fitted with durable Duratex panels on the seat, elbows, and knees for abrasion protection, anti-slip surfaces over the shoulder and waist, and our newly designed soft Aramid (Kevlar®) kneepads.

Waterproof W8 Front Zip Wetsuit Lining

Waterproof W8 5mm Men's Wetsuit  |   Waterproof W8 5mm Women's Wetsuit

Utility pockets on Waterproof front entry wetsuits

Practicality is at the forefront with two easy-to-use, streamlined pockets, providing ample space for a spare mask, SMB, deco tables, or other essentials. Each zipper is equipped with our EasyGrip design for effortless opening and closing.

The W8 maintains our elegant black and grey colour scheme of the Neoflex series, effortlessly blending with your existing dive gear. Like all products in our Neoflex series, the W8 is built from the highest-grade materials and technologies to ensure maximum durability and longevity for extended use.

Waterproof W8 Front Zip Entry Wetsuit Pockets

Verdict on Waterproof W8 front zip entry wetsuit

In conclusion, the Waterproof W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit is a revolutionary addition to our range of high-quality diving gear. Its innovative design, superior materials, and attention to detail make it the perfect choice for any diver looking for maximum performance and comfort. With its anatomical fit, gender-specific models, thermal features, utility pockets, and durability, the Waterproof W8 Front-Zip Wetsuit sets a new standard for diving suits. 

Waterproof W8 5mm Men's Wetsuit  |   Waterproof W8 5mm Women's Wetsuit