Head to Fins Guide of the Best Scuba Equipment in 2022

Head to Fins Guide of the Best Scuba Equipment in 2022

It is rather hard to choose just one bit of equipment as everyone here has different requirements and scuba equipment preferences, but there are certain products that we all love here at Mike's Dive Store. 


Best Scuba Masks of 2022

Scubapro D Mask

After a fierce exchange of pros and cons, we think the Scubapro D-Mask is one of the most versatile scuba masks on the market. Why? Well, it comes in three different sizes - Small, Medium, and Wide - so that everyone will find a corresponding size of silicone skirt. The Scubapro D-Mask is also a low-volume mask which, in theory, may be the only mask you will ever need. It is an excellent asset if you have a multidisciplinary approach to diving - big enough for scuba diving and small enough for apnea-freediving or even spearfishing. The Scubapro D Mask can do a lot more - this is one of few masks that offer a range of prescription lenses to help those who need a little help underwater. 

  • Sleek design matches the new D420 regulator.
  • UV+420cut lens technology filters out HEV and UV lights without affecting how colours appear.
  • Interchangeable lens system makes it easy to install optional optical lenses.
  • D-Mask comes with a choice of black or clear skirts in two sizes: Medium or Small as well as a special wide fit in the black skirt.
  • Rotating buckles work with a new black-on-black Comfort Strap to optimise range of motion and achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.
  • Includes an adaptor for mounting a HUD hands-free dive computer as well as a Black mask frame.
  • Packaged in a durable moulded fabric transport box.
  • Optional lenses available


Best Scuba Regulators of 2022

Scubapro Mk19 Evo G260 Carbon Black Tech

It has been a fascinating year with a new, more eco-friendly regulator called the Apeks XL4 Ocea Stage 3 Regulator Set being released this year. This represents a whole new approach to dive equipment manufacturing and quite an important one. New rigs like Apeks Ocea XL4 significantly reduce the environmental impact, and we only hope other manufacturers will follow soon. 

However, if you are diving into an overhead environment or deeper, our best-selling regulator this year was the Scubapro MK19 EVO G260 Carbon Black Tech. Take it cave diving or technical diving, or have a lightweight regulator for your diving holidays. 

  • Designed to be the ultimate first stage for cold water or contaminated diving conditions.
  • Durable Black Tech DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating protects against the ravages of salt water and corrosion as well as minor scratches
  • Air-balanced diaphragm delivers constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.
  • The environmentally sealed system prevents water and pollutants from fouling the inner mechanism and is extremely resistant to freezing.
  • NEW dry chamber is equipped with a double spring making it more compact and reliable.
  • Two opposing high pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down, plus provide for an optimum hose/transmitter layout.
  • Swivel turret comes with four High-Flow LP ports plus one axial Super High-Flow LP port for technical diving layouts.
  • Weight (oz/g): INT 232, 31.7/885g; DIN 300, 23.9/665g.
  • Airflow at 200bar: >8500 l/min
  • Intermediate pressure: 9.2-9.8 bar

Best Scuba Computers of 2022

Shearwater Perdix 2

Well, there are so many of them right now, and it would be impossible to pick just one.

In the beginners' section, The Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer has been standing out in our shop, and it was this fantastic little unit was one of the most famous pieces of diving equipment over the past year. The price range of around £200 is a winning factor for anybody looking for a fabulous all-around recreational dive computer. 
In the advanced dive computers section, again, Suunto presents the best value-for-money air-integrated dive computer on the market. The price tag of £275 - Suunto Vyper Novo leads the way, offering gas switching capabilities, air integration and a 3D tilt-compensated compass - not bad at all!

This year has seen the release of the Shearwater Perdix 2 Titanium Dive Computer. Fully loaded with technical features for open and closed-circuit mixed gas diving, the new version has air integration built-in as standard and a new fantastic feature such as a vibration alarm! The improved version of truly loved by technical divers Perdix AI presents a beautiful package for anybody using an advanced technical diving computer. Top scuba gear on your wrist. 

  • Air Nitrox Trimix for Open and Closed Circuit
  • Optional Air Integration build in
  • High resolution 2,2" display
  • Two button interface
  • Low profile Design
  • Vibration Alerts for critical moments of a dive
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Bluetooth Connection with PC, Mac, iPad


Best Scuba Fins of 2022

Scubapro Supernova Fins

The Fourth Element has been taking a positive and active approach providing constructive improvement and greener solutions to the market. Like with other products, Fourth Element took the classic jet fin and made a few improvements making Fourth Element Tech Fins - a fantastic option for anybody looking for power, reliability and a modern design with an eco-friendly twist. It is a bit like the Porsche 911 - still the same shape but the new looks, materials and manufacturing process makes them even cooler! However, if you are looking for cutting-edge technology with stunning lines and multi-purpose options, the new Scubapro Seawing Supernova Fins fins with exchangeable foot pockets tick all the boxes. Used by US Navy and special forces, this stiff yet ultra-comfortable fin is designed to be one for all your diving applications. The Scubapro Seawing Supernova pivot fins are made from wear-resistant monoprene polymer and will serve you well for many years. The fins are sold as an open-heel version, with the full-foot conversion kit available as a separate add-on purchase.

  • Innovative blade shape produces more power, more speed and better manoeuvrability.
  • Blade's central panel membrane auto-adjusts the angle of attack based on kicking strength, providing easier kicking when cruising and maximum power when needed.
  • Central panel Hydra Loop channels water flow rearwards for increased efficiency and thrust.
  • Pivot Control Technology ensures that the most efficient 40º to 50º range of angle of attack is maintained.
  • Twin-tip winglets improve control and manoeuvrability for excellent frog and alternate kicks.
  • Two-piece design makes transport easy and increases versatility to handle any dive scenario.
  • Blade and foot pocket are moulded separately with a durable Socket-Lock Connecting System that allows easy assembly and disassembly.
  • The key fob-style multi-purpose tool is included for assembly and disassembly of the foot pocket and blade, along with a travel-friendly storage bag.


Best Scuba BCD of 2022

Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD

By far, the best seller in our Showroom was the Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD - Made for recreational diving but strong enough for daily professional work for divemasters and scuba instructors, the Scubapro Hydros Pro Men and Women's versions come with dedicated backpacks offering compact size travel-friendly BCD. 

  • Ultra-Durable: Patented Injection Moulded Monprene Gel Harness is extremely resistant to UV, chemicals and abrasion. The fabric-free harness uses no Velcro or zippers.
  • Instant Dry: Ideal for travel due to less water retention and lower post-dive weight.
  • "BC-4-Life" Modular Design: Customisable to add/remove weight systems, straps and pouches. Extended lifespan due to simplified repairs. Virtually every component, including buckles, can be replaced without stitching.
  • 3D Ergonomic Design: Conforms to your body shape for maximum comfort.
  • Lightweight: Advanced materials keep weight low.
  • Neutrally Buoyant: Near-Zero inherent buoyancy requires less lead, resulting in better buoyancy control and much more enjoyable diving.
  • Body Grip Gel: Prevents BC from shifting and riding up.
  • Dual-Compound Backplate: Provides the ultimate in stability and comfort. Single tank band system allows for easier assembly.
  • Torso Flex Zone: Auto-adjusts to your torso length for excellent comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Articulated Shoulder Straps: Allow straps to adjust to your body shape to achieve a snug fit.
  • Kit-Up Assist: Holds shoulder straps open for easy donn

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned, please email us at support@mikesdivestore.com where we have a team of snorkelling professionals here to help you with any questions that you may have. Or if you live locally or in the surrounding areas of London, pop in and come visit us in-store where you can take a look at equipment for yourself and get a feel to find the gear that you’re looking for.