Best Gloves, Boots and Hoods for UK Diving

Best Gloves, Boots and Hoods for UK Diving


When choosing a pair of gloves you need the right balance of keeping your hands warm and dexterity. Like a wetsuit, neoprene dive gloves do not keep your hands dry. They trap the water that enters and your body then warms that water up. If your gloves are too big, water will flush and your body has to work twice as hard to warm it up. They also crush under pressure like a wetsuit so we recommend a minimum of 5mm for UK diving.

Your hands are an extremity - one of the main heat loss zones, so spend time choosing this accessory as they are a major piece of dive kit for cold water divers.

Fourth Element 5mm Dive Gloves

Made from ultra stretch neoprene these gloves fit like a second skin. They are perfect for doing tasks underwater. Adjusting your gear and communicating with your buddy with feel completely natural with these on. They have a Thermoflex lining which makes them easy to don and doff as well as keeping your hands toasty, even on the coldest dive.

The fewer the seams, the less chance that water can enter your gloves. These have glued, stitched and welded seams to minimise water ingress. They also have a Carbonite print finish for improved grip.

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Waterproof G50 5mm Gloves

Made from super-stretch neoprene these gloves will give you ample dexterity.  They have pre-shaped or “ergonomic” fingers for a better grip. This also makes them easier to put on, which can sometimes be tricky when wearing a lot of thick gear in cold temperatures.  The anti-slip palm is perfect for creating traction when holding a rope or mooring line for example.

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Waterproof G1 5mm Kevlar Diving Gloves

These are the Rolls-Royce of cold water diving gloves. Made from bonded Hi-Quality Kevlar thread and with a full reinforced Kevlar palm, these sturdy gloves can handle harsh environments like rusty wrecks and heavy work.  They are built to last.

When you have cold fingers, restriction and squeeze can make lack of blood flow to the extremities worse. To avoid this Waterproof have made these gloves 3-D shaped with pre-bent fingers for added comfort. They have a glideskin seal and extra long YKK zipper for ease of donning.  The long seal at the wrist will fit well over your wet or drysuit to avoid any flushing. The G1 5mm Kevlar glove also has a reflective logo designed for catching the light of your buddy’s torch.

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Dive boots provide you with traction inside your fins as well as stability and support to your ankles when diving. They are essential for making shore entries to protect your feet from rocks or pebbles. They also provide thermal support in cold water and can be worn with wetsuits or over drysuit socks. They should be just as comfortable as a pair of shoes.

Fourth Element Amphibian 6.5mm Diving Boot

Fourth Element boast that these are the most comfortable diving boots on the market. Manufactured with a stable footbed and hardwearing moulded outsole, they are ideal for regular shore diving, particularly over slippery rocks. The optimised outsole gives a superior level of grip and maximum stability, great for climbing ladders and walking on wet boat decks.

Ergonomic footbeds/insoles as well as heel and arch support will avoid cramps within your fins, while the fin strap retainer will provide reassurance that your boot isn’t going anywhere!

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Waterproof B1 6.5mm Dive Boot

The body reacts to cold and heat by adjusting the blood stream to the external parts of the body, like hands, fingers and feet. This affects your core temperature. These 6.5mm semi-dry double-lined boots are extremely warm yet flexible. Waterproof have provided additional protection in all the right places while striking a nice balance with comfort.

Like their glove range, Waterproof have added glideskin to the B1 for ease of donning and an extra long YKK zipper for easy entry, even with gloves on.

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Did you know that between 20-40% of your body heats escapes through your head? Your body then has to work that much harder to replace the lost heat. Avoid feeling cold and exhausted by choosing a dive hood carefully as it will be one of the most important accessories you buy, regardless of water temperature. For UK diving however we recommend a minimum of a 5mm thickness.

Fourth Element 5mm Dive Hood

This super soft stretch neoprene 5mm hood is so simple in its design but highly effective. It has a short collar which works well for both wet and drysuits. Glideskin on the interior makes it easy to get on and off while it seals securely around the face, slowing water ingress.

Stitching is on the outside so there is no uncomfortable friction against your head and neck and  drain holes in the head allow expanding air on ascent to escape. The Fourth Element 7mm Hood has an added thermal plush lining and more glideskin around the face for additional warmth. 

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Fourth Element 7mm Cold Water Diving Hood

This stretch neoprene hood is comprised of 90% Neoprene and 10% Nylon. It has all the features of the 7mm hood with a trimable bib called a “warmneck”. This part of the hood is also lined with glideskin. Despite its thickness this hood does not restrict movement underwater. The drain holes are slightly offset to allow expanding air out and reduce water coming in.

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Waterproof H1 5/7mm Bibless Vented Diving Hood

The H1 5/7mm hood features a 7mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas. It has glide skin seals for the neck and face, minimising water flow while a plush lining making donning and doffing easier. This lining also keeps the ears warmer during dives.

We are big fans of the HAVS (hood air venting system) which uses 2 layers of neoprene and one-way valves to vent annoying air build up inside the hood. The Waterproof H1 is also available in a Bibbed 5/7mm version.

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