Best Dive Equipment Travel Packages 2019

Best Dive Equipment Travel Packages 2019

Whenever a flight is involved in your journey to a dive destination there is always that troublesome weight restriction that prevents you from taking every piece of equipment you own without paying hefty fees but that isn't the only restriction we have to think about when packing dive equipment for a flight. You also need to consider whether you can fit it everything in your bag and whether the kit sufficient for the type of diving you'll be doing when you get there.

We've pulled together the best of our scuba travel packages to suit a wide range of needs from kit that will fit in a carry on bag to top of the line, high performance travel kit.

Mares Magellan Dual Travel Package

The Magallen BCD is light, like 2kg light! Yet still provides 18kg of lift from its rear bladder which is more than enough for any recreational diver. Whilst Mares doesn't make a specific travel regulator the Dual ADJ 52X does an extremely good job of being light, compact but still very capable of delivering excellent flow rates from its balanced first stage and pneumatically assisted second stage.

Mares is often wrongly overlooked and snubbed by many. In fact their regulators are some of the best performing models and their BCDs some of the most comfortable on the market. Mares has a good track record of utilising subtle weight reduction techniques and performance technologies.

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Scubapro MK25 S620 Hydros Pro Package

This is a high performance travel package for those that only want the best. The MK25 EVO first stage is one of the highest performing first stages in the world, paired with with an upgrade version of the S600 second stage, the S620Ti features a titanium valve barrel that is lighter and corrosion resistant.

The Hydros Pro is one of our most popular BCDs that uses a modular design that that means it can adapted from its default configuration into a lightweight, streamlined BCD with just a few clips and buckle changes.

If you want a package that is just as at home in cold water conditions as it is in the tropics then this is definitely one to shortlist.

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Apeks XTX200 & Aqua Lung Axiom Package

This is another high end package but built more for cold water destinations and comfort than the tropics. 

The Apeks XTX200 is possibly one of the best  known coldwater regulators utilising the over-balanced diaphragm FSR first stage and pneumatically balanced XTX200 second stage for superior cold water performance. Connect the perfect matched XTX50 Octopus and you've got a serious regulator set.

The Aqua Lung Axiom remains one of the most comfortable BCDs that we sell thanks to its Wrapture harness that provides almost a tailored fit that feels really secure and stable. Packed with features including integrated weights, trim weight pockets, knife mount and a well balanced all round bladder, the Axiom is a great match for the regulators.

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Scubapro MK11 C370 Litehawk Package

The MK11 C370 and the Litehawk as some of Scubapro's lightest and most compact diving equipment, making it ideal for travelling with. The MK11 C370 is a fully balanced regulator which offers excellent performance considering its small size. Pair that with the Litehawk BCD and you'll be wondering what else to take with you because you'll have plenty of space length thanks to the full soft backplate that allows the BCD to fold and roll into a really tight pack.

If bulk and weight are a real concern for you when travelling then this package could potentially be the solution to your problem.

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Atomic Ultralight Titanium Package

A truly premium travel package that uses advanced technologies and materials. The Atomic T3 regulator doesn't just have a few titanium components here and there, the first stage is machined from solid titanium bar and the second stage uses titanium everywhere that is it possible. Titanium is not only lighter but also offers better corrosion resistance compared to plated brass or stainless steel.

The Atomic SS1 is a clever way of shedding more weight from your regulators, combining the roles of your octopus and the BCD inflator into a compact but high performance safe second that is close to hand in an emergency and eliminates the longer octopus hose entirely.

The Litehawk, as mentioned before, is a fantastic lightweight BCD that packs down into a compact bundle for easy packing.

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Aqua Lung Outlaw Travel Package

Perhaps the lightest and most compact travel package that we sell. The Mikron regulators and Outlaw BCD are both specifically designed for travel and offer a near perfect balanced between performance and weight. Incredibly the Mikron regulators are a fully balanced for a smoother breathe unlike many travel regulators that sacrifice performance for weight.

The Outlaw is one of the most streamlined travel BCDs available, weighing in at under 2kg. It uses a modular design that not only allows for component replacement in the event of a breakage but also for customisation purposes. The BCD doesn't come with integrated weights but if you really want them the Outlaw is compatible with the Surelock II weight system and rear trim pockets can also be added.

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