Atomic Swivel Hose Quality Alert

Atomic Swivel Hose Quality Alert

Atomic Aquatics has released a quality alert affecting their low pressure swivel regulator hoses. Owners are advised to check the date stamp on the hose as shown below to identify if yours is included within the alert. Affected hoses should not be used until replaced.

Atomic has learned of three reported incidences of low-pressure hoses that have become disconnected at the second stage swivel while in use. Specific batches of the hoses were produced in July of 2017 and have been used in their range of regulators produced between August 2017 through April 2018. Failure of the hose connection can obviously result in a loss of air supply and poses a significant drowning hazard to divers.

It is of the imperative that if you have a low-pressure swivel hose model listed below with the date stamp D0717, or a second stage regulator purchased after August 1, 2017 with a low-pressure swivel hose bearing the date stamp D0717, that the hose / regulator be quarantined and the hose replaced as soon as possible.

See image below for example of date stamp:

Atomic Aquatics Swivel Hose Quality Alert

Part Numbers of Affected Second Stage Regulators:

Part Number Description
03-0100- 6P Atomic T3 Yoke sealed
03-0100-7P Atomic T3 D.I.N sealed
03-0060-6P Atomic ST1 Yoke sealed
03-0060-7P Atomic ST1 D.I.N sealed

Part Numbers of Affected Comfort Hoses:

Part Number Description
02-0095-3P Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Stainless – 32”
02-0096-3P-040 Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Stainless – 40”
02-0195-3P Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Titanium – 32”
02-0196-3P-020 Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Titanium – 20”
02-0196-3P-022 Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Titanium – 22”
02-0196-3P-026 Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Titanium – 26”
02-0196-3P-084 Atomic Comfort Swivel Hose, Titanium – 84”

If you need further assistance to determine whether you have a hose that is affected by the quality alert, please contact us on 020 8994 6006 or email

If you do identify that you have an affected hose then you should contact the retailer that you purchased the hose or regulator from for further instructions. The potentially defective hose needs to be returned to Atomic for quality control and inspection so do not dispose or destroy the hose. Affected hoses will be replaced free of charge.