Atomic BC1 Instructor Offer

Atomic BC1 Instructor Offer

The Atomic BC1 is a seriously luxurious BCD but one still designed to be tough. The Atomic BC1 totally redefines traditional BC design. Every single component was re-examined, every material and component was rethought for durability, performance and ease-of-use. The Atomic BC1 is designed for the diver who wants the absolute BEST available.

Until the end of October 2018 Atomic are offering this amazing BCD at an incredibly discounted price to any active instructors. Rather than the £1,234.90 full retail price you'll be able to purchase the BC1 for just £799 including an Ai stainless steel inflator.

Of course there are a few terms and conditions that you'll need to adhere to:

  • You'll need to complete and sign an order form.
  • Provide a minimum of one product testimonial when requested.
  • Provide product feedback when requested.
  • The BCD must be used by the person listed on the order form for a minimum of one year.

This offer is not available online so if you are interested please pop in and see us, give us a call on 020 8994 6006 or send us a message and will can get the ball rolling.

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