Aqua Lung Automatic Closure Device (ACD) Yoke Safety Notice

September 25, 2017

Aqua Lung Automatic Closure Device (ACD) Yoke Safety Notice

Aqua Lung has announced a Safety Notice that affects YOKE versions of the Titan LX ACD, Core ACD, Legend ACD or Legend LX ACD regulators. Aqua Lung has identified that the ACD shutter valve in the first stages of these regulators with serial numbers starting with the letter E, F, G or H (prior to H043301) may not have been properly tightened during its initial assembly in manufacturing. Aqua Lung is concerned about a possible gas flow failure during a dive when the regulator has been fitted on certain cylinder valves

It should be noted though that if you have had your regulator serviced since purchasing it then this safety notice can be ignored as the component would have been corrected tightened during reassembly as part of the service. This also only affects the YOKE version of the first stages as the DIN versions use a different assembly.

Affected Models

These are the three first stages affected (found in four different regulator configurations)

Aqua Lung Titan LX ACD YOKEAqua Lung Titan LX
Aqua Lung Core ACD YOKEAqua Lung Core
Aqua Lung Legend and Legend LXAqua Lung Legend and Legend LX

How to Check Your Serial Number

If you think your regulator might be affected then your can check your serial number which is stamped into the side of the first stage and starts with a letter.

The affected range are those starting with the letter E,F,G or H (and prior H043301). If you have a Titan LX first stage you are only affected if the serial number starts with an E or F.

How to Check Your Serial Number

What To Do If You Are Affected

You should immediately stop using these regulators and take them to your nearest authorised Aqua Lung Dive Retailer or Dive Centre which can be found here. A certified technician will then be able to identify if your regulator is affected and take corrective action to bring it back in to full specification at no charge to you.

If you are local to our store then please bring your regulator in at your earliest convenience and we will carry out the necessary checks and corrections.

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