A Guide to Scubapro Drysuit Undersuits

A Guide to Scubapro Drysuit Undersuits

While when diving in warmer waters, you may require a good baselayer only; good layering tactics should be a winning solution for diving in temperate and cold waters. In terms of cold water diving in a drysuit choosing the correct undersuit layering is the key. Plus if you pop in to a shop after diving still wearing your one piece Scubapro K2 Extreme makes you look like an astronaut on a lunch brake. 

Choose your drysuit and undersuit wisely.

First, come first. There are two main different drysuit types - neoprene drysuits and trilaminate drysuits. The first type will give thermal protection, while the latter will offer no thermal protection. Following logic for the neoprene drysuit, you will need a thinner undersuit than you need for the trilaminate. You can check our article on Choosing The Right Drysuit for Me.

 Scubapro Neoprene vs Trilaminate Drysuit

Scubapro divides its premium quality undersuits into three main sections:

  • Light undersuits
  • Medium Undersuits
  • Heavy Undersuits

Your drysuit undersuit choice should be determined by the following:

  • Length of your dive?
  • Water temperature? 
  • What level of exertion is expected during a dive?
  • Type of drysuit you wear (neoprene drysuits will require a thinner undersuit)

Scubapro K2 Light Undersuits -Baselayers

The key to a great baselayer is a fast-wicking fabric that gets the heat munching moisture away from your skin. The less sweat and moisture there is, the better, and an excellent technical baselayer like the Scubapro K2 light undersuit is an essential component of your armour against cold.

Scubapro K2 Light Undersuit

  • Warm and stretchy, keeping comfortably close to your body
  • Compatible with neoprene or trilaminate drysuits
  • Pants and long-sleeve tops with side and chest pockets
  • Includes elastic wrist loops on tops and heel straps on pants

Scubapro K2 Medium undersuits

The Scubapro K2 Medium Undersuit Set is designed to work well together with trilaminate and neoprene drysuits during dives in cooler waters. The undersuit set is made of high-density Plush material providing ultimate warmth but preventing overheating. This undersuit comes also in Scubapro K2 Medium Women's Undersuit.

Scubapro K2 Medium Undersuit
  • Breathable, warm and stretchy for comfort
  • HD Plush material 339 g/m2 (+/-5%)
  • Long-sleeve top with side and chest pockets
  • Includes elastic wrist loops

Scubapro K2 Extreme Undersuits

The Scubapro K2 Extreme Undersuits for Men and Women is the ultimate cold water Jumpsuit and combined with a base layer will keep the water cold and your core temperature warm in the coldest of seas and lakes in the UK. For maximum thermal protection, the undersuit is made of a breathable and stretchy dual fleece material. 

Scubapro K2 Extreme Diving Jumpsuit

  • The dual fleece material is breathable and stretchy, delivering maximum thermal protection.
  • Compatible with trilaminate drysuits.
  • The steamer design includes anti-squeeze protection padding on shoulders, chest and knees.
  • Storage pockets with zippers located on both hips.
  • Elastic wrist loops and heel straps prevent ride-up when pulling on a dry suit.
  • Convenient front double slider zipper ensures easy donning and doffing.
  • Holes on legs can be adapted to P valves.


Is diving in a drysuit worth all this?

Absolutely!!!! Diving in cold water offers a great experience - fewer people on a dive site, clear and great visibility in winter increase chances of seeing a good portion of a wreck, reef etc. While putting on an undersuit and drysuit may take up a little bit longer, the benefits and thermal comfort increase the whole winter diving experience to a whole new level.