Shopping at Mike's Dive Store is continuously helping the marine environment

Shopping at Mike's Dive Store is continuously helping the marine environment


As you may remember, last year Mikes’ Dive Store signed up to contribute to UK marine conservation activities by supporting the charity, Sea-Changers. Mike’s agreed to donate 1% of the value of all of its online sales to the charity and customers are of course invited to contribute too. Well over £2,000 has already been raised through the partnership.

By buying products online at Mike’s Dive Store you are therefore supporting a variety of UK marine conservation charities and projects. Sea-Changers’ latest round of grants was given out in December last year and another round of applications is currently being invited.

To give you some idea of where the money goes, we can tell you all about the grants allocated by Sea-Changers in December last year. Sea-Changers raises money for a range of primarily UK based, marine conservation charities and organisations. The projects funded all fall within one of the following areas:

Marine Reserves/Protected Marine Areas
Direct Marine Clean-Up Action
Education, Campaigning and Awareness
Species Protection and Research

The latest grants ranged from £400 to £1,000 to six projects right around the UK. The chosen projects were of a practical nature including projects to reduce litter; education projects in schools and communities around the UK; and research to understand more about the health of important species. Each of the chosen projects to receive funds in December is explained below:

Newquay Marine Group – To fund a pilot of their proposed Beach Ranger project, whereby a dedicated Beach ranger will work with local business and the community to significantly reduce beach litter in the town.

Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit (CRRU) – Undertaking vital research to inform and assist in the implementation of the first ever Marine Protected Area proposed for Minke whales in UK inshore waters (in the Moray Firth.)

Tucked In Productions – To support production and dissemination of a video of ‘Leaper: A Fish Tale’, a new play for children highlighting the importance of protecting marine ecosystems around the UK against destructive fishing methods and pollution.

Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory (SIBL) – To fund a scientific project to develop the use of nitrogen isotope signatures in macroalgae (seaweed) as a bio-monitoring tool in coastal regions of the north-east of England. The outcome will enable a continuous, efficient and a low-cost method for monitoring coastal pollution which could be applied right around the UK.

Refill Bristol – For the development of a fun, engaging film to highlight the successful launch of Refill Bristol; a practical campaign to make Bristol a city in which refilling your water bottle becomes a cultural norm, with refill points on every street, via cafes, retailers, hotels and businesses.

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch - To design and produce a sea user’s record book enabling sea-users around the Isle of Man to record sightings of cetaceans and basking sharks whilst at sea.

For full info and details of many more projects this great charity supports please visit

Sea-Changers and Mike’s would like to thank you for your continued support….remember, the more you buy, the more money you raise for UK seas!....and don’t just leave it to Mike’s, you can make your own donations too, simply click here right now