6 Life Changing Things to Expect When Becoming a Scuba Diver

6 Life Changing Things to Expect When Becoming a Scuba Diver

6 Life Changing Things to Expect When Becoming a Scuba Diver

Imagine if we told you that your life would be completely changed forever when you start scuba diving? Scuba diving is such a unique sport that completely transforms your life. It sure has changed my life for the better because once I started diving, I never looked back. Diving is a lifestyle and from the day you take your first breath underwater, it begins to transform your life. Don’t believe me? Read on to find out why scuba diving is so good that it changes your lifestyle, thoughts and dreams.  

All You’ll Think About Is Your Next Diving Adventure

Every time I’m not diving or don’t have my next dive trip planned yet, I’m always planning my next diving adventure. You’ll be looking up different dive sites around your area and across the globe, thinking about where to go next. You’ll be gathering a bucket list of all the sea creatures, dive sites, wrecks, reefs and caves you’ll want to see and explore. Diving will always be on your mind because it’s such a wonderful and unique sport. Scuba diving is hard to shake because once you’re in, you’re hooked. 

Encounters To Last a Lifetime

Every scuba diver has a list of their top 10 scuba diving experiences that they’ll never forget. From the first time you encountered a shark to the time when a Manta Ray nearly whacked you in the head with its wing (yes, this happened to me). We have memories that we carry with us for life, and stories that we’ve told our friends and family probably over a million times. 

You learn to expect the unexpected when diving, and that’s pretty epic. You’ll never know what you may discover when you hit the water and what things you may encounter and the stories that you’ll tell for life. 

6 Life Changing Things to Expect When Becoming a Scuba Diver - Mike's Dive Store

Holidays Are Changed Forever 

Holidays won’t be about relaxing anymore, but about exploring the ocean and finding the best dive sites and locations around the world. You’ll be planning your holidays based on the fact they have a reef close by or a highly rated dive location. 

You’ll be planning a whole new different holiday, which could be liveaboards or island hopping to different dive locations. Your holidays will be changed forever, so landlocked holidays are out, beach holidays are in. 

The Closest You’ll Ever Be To Flying

Gliding through the water, feeling weightless and free, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to the experience of flying. Drift diving is a whole new experience, no effort is used (as long as you go with the current) and let yourself glide with the flow. It’s a flying experience like no other. Once you’ve mastered the art of buoyancy, your flying experience will feel like you’re in a dream. 

6 Life Changing Things to Expect When Becoming a Scuba Diver - Mike's Dive Store

Your Career Path May Change

Many people that started diving have become so addicted that they have decided that they needed a career change. Imagine waking up and instead of going to the office, you jump into the water to lead a group of scuba divers, pretty cool, huh? There are many different diving careers, such as Divemaster, Instructor, Shop Manager and even commercial diving based all over the world. So are you bored with your office job? Try scuba diving and see if that’s the new career path you want to lead.

How About Breathing Underwater?

Breathing underwater is an incredible sensation that’s like no other. I remember taking my first breath underwater in a confined pool and it was a totally unique feeling. The water surrounded me, I was completely submerged, yet I was breathing as I would on the surface. It’s a strange, yet awesome feeling that completely blows you away when you try it. 

6 Life Changing Things to Expect When Becoming a Scuba Diver - Mike's Dive Store

We’re Here To Help

Once you start scuba diving, you won't be able to stop. It completely alters your lifestyle, you'll never stop thinking about your next dive trip and the experiences you've had. 

If you’re considering starting diving and you have any questions or concerns about the sport, please email us at support@mikesdivestore.com where we have a team of scuba diving professionals that’s here to help you out with any scuba diving questions you may have.