Scubapro Equator Lightweight Travel BCD

We have decided to make the Scubapro Equator BCD our number one choice for the travelling diver. It is wonderfully versatile too -giving you the 'best of both worlds' as it is capable of performing in both warm and cold water dives.

Yes, the Aqualung Zuma is the lightest BC -which we also stock- but it is a wing design so if you want something that is a bit more conventional and durable then we feel the Equator is the best choice on the market at the moment.

This Scubapro Travel BCD is lean, clean, lightweight design and it has great amount of detail and features for its size. It delivers optimal performance whether worn over a lycra rashguard in the Maldivian tropics or a cold-water dry suit in the choppy Channel.


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