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Choosing a Drysuit

November 16, 2015

My van is the vehicular equivalent of ‘Trigger’s Broom’. In my mind I think of it as an excellent little runner but in reality large sections of it have been replaced at considerable expense. It’s still worth doing the work because, despite the fact it’s a bit battered and old, the result is that I have a working means of transporting large amounts of kit about and I don’t really care if the seats get wet. Drysuits aren’t really like that. There’s something about a drysuit that once it starts to leak it just kind of never stops. A bit like a dutch child with it’s fingers in the dam, you go chasing around the various sources of each leak,...

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Big Thank You !!!!

October 18, 2015

BIG THANK YOU!! As you may remember, in April this year Mikes’ Dive Store signed up to contribute to UK marine conservation activities by supporting the charity, Sea-Changers. Mike’s Dive Store agreed to donate 1% of the value of all of its online sales to the charity and customers are of course invited to contribute too. Over £1,000 has already been raised through the partnership. So we thought we would just give you a little update as to what the money actually went on! And no it wasn't a nice exotic diving holiday for Steve! By buying products online at Mike’s Dive Store you are therefore supporting a variety of UK marine conservation charities and projects.  Sea-Changers’ latest round of grants...

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