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Bantin's Blog

Bantin's Blog - The Red Sea

September 19, 2014

The Red Sea The Red Sea is a flooded continuation of the African Rift and is bordered on all sides by arid desert. The countries of Djibouti and the Yemen form a narrow gateway to the Indian Ocean at its southern end and Saudi Arabia makes up most of its eastern coastline. On the western side, Eritrea, the Sudan and Egypt form its borders, and it is part of a major sea route from the Middle East and India via the Suez Canal to Europe and North America. At its northern end it splits into two gulfs. The Gulf of Aqaba leads to Israel and to Jordan which both have small areas of coastline. The other is the Gulf of...

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Bantin's Blog - Why Go Diving?

September 12, 2014

Why Go Diving? Ours is a blue planet. Although we live on the parts of it that protrude above the waves, most of the planet is under water. The topography is as varied beneath the surface of the oceans as it is on the remaining quarter of the Earth's surface that we know. When we look out at the ocean, we only see the top! Great mountain ranges and valleys punctuate the ocean floor, if we could only see them. However, modern science knows less about this aspect of the place where we live than it does about the surface of the moon. People always ask those who scuba-dive, how deep they went. Scuba divers don't go really deep. In...

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