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Don't Hold Your Breath

January 16, 2015

One of the first rules you learn when training to scuba dive is to always continue to breathe normally and to never hold your breath. There's a very good reason for that. When you take a breath from a scuba regulator it is delivered at the same pressure as the water pressure, determined by the depth you are at. This is why you can breathe normally just as you would at the surface. However water is very dense when compared to air and while 63 miles of atmosphere applies only a single bar of pressure to us at sea-level, add only another 10 metres of water above you and that pressure is doubled. At 30m deep it exerts a pressure...

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Buddy Love!

January 09, 2015

It is always best to dive with a completely redundant set of equipment. It’s a spare set in the unlikely event anything should fail. Where is it? Your buddy is wearing it. Divers learn early on in their training, how to use the alternate air-source of another diver. This comes in useful if you inadvertently mismanage your air-supply. Let’s face it, when you start diving you’ve got enough things to think about and looking at your pressure gauge can get forgotten. (Don‘t worry too much. Your instructor will be watching it like a hawk!) However, virtually every leisure diving training agency recommends that divers should dive in pairs and the other diver is commonly known as your buddy. It has...

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