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Bantin's Blog

Bantin's Blog - Minature Cameras

December 12, 2014

  Looking for a last-minute Christmas present? Treat yourself to a GoPro or something similar! Miniature cameras like the GoPro and similar products are so tiny they have revolutionised much of the wildlife photography we nowadays see on our television screens. They are good for taking into situations that you would never contemplate taking a conventional camera. Video cameras were miniaturized even before digital stills cameras and for this reason may divers have taken up underwater video-making. Miniaturization means that submarine housings for them are no longer enormous and they are practical for solo operators to use. Video camcorders for amateur use have been tiny for some while now but the GoPro and similar products has taken this miniaturisation to...

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Bantin's Blog - Adding Weight

December 05, 2014

Most people are naturally neutrally buoyant. With a normal relaxed lung volume, they neither float nor sink. Take a deep breath and you will float. Empty your lungs and you will sink. However, as soon a diver puts on a diving suit, more water is displaced and the diver will float. It is necessary to strap on some ballast in some form to counteract the buoyancy of the suit and this is most convenient and commonly supplied in the form of lead.Most divers simply thread their block-style lead weights on to a length of 5cm webbing and use it as a belt. If you need more comfort than a belt, a harness can help. Another way to carry lead is...

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