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Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Fins - Guest Blog by Alex Griffins

June 08, 2015

Big Black Rubber Fins Footwear can be a tricky thing: Notoriously difficult for men to get right and a lifelong obsession for many women. But what about your fins, what does your choice of diving footwear say about you? And why would anyone possibly care? First off some ground rules, well one: Let’s not go near that picture of the fins that look like high heels please (like the photo inserted above by Steve - just to annoy Alex!). Like many fellow dive professionals I have now seen or been tagged in this picture 1.7k million times. Unlike the birthday card of the 2 sharks talking about not eating the divers tank because it makes them fart, it wasn’t even...

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Trust Your Local Dive Shop

April 27, 2015

Trust the dive shop! There are a million articles out there about choosing your first set of dive equipment. Many of them are boring, repetitive and entirely subjective and do no favours for the customer or the dive industry. I thought, therefore, it was time to add my own entirely subjective views to the subject! Somewhere along the line (probably as the result of the Intergalactic PADI vs BSAC wars which claimed the lives of 1000s) the UK diver reached the viewpoint that all dive shops were run in a Glengarry Glen Ross style by mercenary types whose sole purpose for the day was to relieve unsuspecting new divers of their money in exchange for the worst, highest margin piece...

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