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Bantin's Blog - Masks

April 23, 2014

It's always nice to get something new. My favourite old mask had seen better days. Its silicone skirt had yellowed and stiffened with time and probably too much exposure to tropical sunlight so I got hold of a new one. I'm very lucky in that I seem to have a face that gets along with almost any mask despite my ill-groomed facial hair and the latest TUSA Freedom Ceos mask was said to have a super-flexible silicone skirt so fit was never a worry.They say that there are two types of people past middle-aged. Those who wear glasses and those who never read books. What was a worry was the fact that in common with many people over the age...

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Bantin's Blog - Surface Markers

April 18, 2014

Surface MarkersMost of the ocean we dive in is subject to movement in the form of tides and currents. Even in places where there is no appreciable tidal flow, water can be forced to move around topographical obstacles. Just like air flowing over an aircraft's wing, the water has to speed up to pass over or around such an obstruction and that is why even in places like the Northern Red Sea, usually notable for its easy diving conditions, divers can experience strong currents pushing up over the submerged tongue of a reef in some places.In many parts of the world where there are small islands lying in the path of gentle ocean currents, the water can speed up alarmingly...

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