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Bantin's Blog - Look Before You Leap

July 25, 2014

Safety is the first thought of and most important aspect of scuba diving. With all your pre-dive checks completed, it's time to get into the water. Diving from the shore, it's simple. We just walk out through the shallows until it's deep enough to swim, where you can put your fins on. When diving from a boat, things are different.The most dangerous thing you might meet when diving is your own boat. When you decide to leave it, the diver will want to get away from its hard and possibly rotating surfaces as quickly and efficiently as possible. The same goes for a rocky shoreline next to deep water. Entering the water from bigger vessels is akin to jumping from...

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Bantin's Blog - Liveaboard Dive Boats

July 18, 2014

Nearly twenty-five years ago, I was a dive-guide on a liveaboard dive boat in the Red Sea. It was then considered to be the doyen of liveaboard dive boats. It was fabulous. Well, I say 'fabulous' only because it was a lot better than some other boats that were available at that time. It was built in 1936 and had seen better days. It had been a Rhine river cruiser and was originally built for speed although its massive Mercedes-Benz engines had long been replaced with Detroit Diesels that were more modest in performance and far more economical. However, it had a very narrow hull that meant it rolled alarmingly in anything but a glassy calm sea and access to...

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