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Bantin's Blog

Bantin's Blog - Why Go Diving?

September 12, 2014

Why Go Diving? Ours is a blue planet. Although we live on the parts of it that protrude above the waves, most of the planet is under water. The topography is as varied beneath the surface of the oceans as it is on the remaining quarter of the Earth's surface that we know. When we look out at the ocean, we only see the top! Great mountain ranges and valleys punctuate the ocean floor, if we could only see them. However, modern science knows less about this aspect of the place where we live than it does about the surface of the moon. People always ask those who scuba-dive, how deep they went. Scuba divers don't go really deep. In...

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Bantin's Blog - What if You get Sick?

September 05, 2014

What if you become ill just before setting off on an expensive dive trip or while you are away?You can’t stop people coughing their cold germs on you especially in the close confines or an aeroplane so what can you do if you think you’ve got a cold coming on? It could stop you from clearing your ears. First, prevention is better than cure. Boost your immune system by eating plenty of foods that are rich in vitamin C and friendly bacteria such as you find in live yoghourts. Eat plenty of garlic. It contains super nutrients that block the action of enzymes that allow viruses and bacteria to invade our respiratory tracts and lungs. If that doesn’t work and...

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