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What your dive mask says about you

September 19, 2015

  What does your diving mask say about you? If you’re a regular diver then the chances are you will wear it almost as much as your glasses (not statistically true) so therefore it’s vital that your mask is both functional and reflects your personality too. You may be buying a mask for the first time but if you’ve already got one then here’s the first lesson: Learn when to let go. This is how to massively irritate any dive centre employee: Walk into the shop with a mask that is clearly over a decade old. The skirt is hard, yellow and opaque and the frame is probably a neon sick, green that would embarrass the term ‘retro’. Present said...

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How to become a Sea-Changer and do your bit for Marine Conservation!

July 16, 2015

Can you Join Mike’s Dive Store and become a Sea-Changer? You love diving. You love the sea. You love being near, in or on the sea. I don’t want to assume anything about you but since you are visiting Mike’s Dive Store website, having a root around, I think I am on the right track. If I am right, I want to ask you to become a Sea-Changer. It doesn’t involve selling your soul, joining some sinister cult that will entail leaving loved ones and living in a hut, and it won’t cost you a penny. I am asking you to become a Sea-Changer by taking some small practical actions to demonstrate your love for the sea and give something...

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