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Bantin's Blog - Surface Markers

April 18, 2014

Surface MarkersMost of the ocean we dive in is subject to movement in the form of tides and currents. Even in places where there is no appreciable tidal flow, water can be forced to move around topographical obstacles. Just like air flowing over an aircraft's wing, the water has to speed up to pass over or around such an obstruction and that is why even in places like the Northern Red Sea, usually notable for its easy diving conditions, divers can experience strong currents pushing up over the submerged tongue of a reef in some places.In many parts of the world where there are small islands lying in the path of gentle ocean currents, the water can speed up alarmingly...

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Bantin's Blog - Currents and Diving

April 11, 2014

Diving in Currents The sun and moon affect a gravitational pull on the oceans. When the sun and moon are in opposition they tend to cancel out some of the effect. There is less difference between the heights of 'high' and 'low' water and if you look at the moon you will notice a half-moon effect at this time.When there is either a full moon or a new moon, the sun and moon pull together and the effects are more dramatic. We call it a 'spring' tide. There is a much greater difference in the height of low water and the height of high water and this not only effects the depth over a given site. Much more importantly, it...

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