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Backscatter's Flip 4 System for GoPro Cameras

February 02, 2016

It's no secret that GoPro cameras are capable of taking some pretty amazing video, and it's also very well known that they struggle at underwater video without the help of some add-ons. The go-to solution for colour correction was typically some sort of clip-on red filter that saved you from either shelling out the money for a big lighting system or from doing loads of digital magic to grade the color of the video in post. There are however, a few problems with these filters. One is that they are often flimsy and can fall off the lens, and the other issue is that they just don't cut it for any sort of diving outside the "norm". Backscatter realised this and...

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All New Scubapro Novalight 720 Torch Range

January 29, 2016

Scubapro has always been known for making innovations in dive equipment and now they have yet again taken torches to a new level with the Novalight 720 range. The Novalight 700 and 700R were a big hit and probably our most popular torches for a long while. The new Novalight 720 offers a lot more than just 20 extra lumens of brightness, though of course that's a big plus. With new features and the new Wide torch, the range is bigger than ever before, but still just as affordable, one of the reasons we loved them in the first place. The standard Novalight 720 is a great all-arounder primary torch. It's incredibly bright, has a runtime of up to 10 hours...

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