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Trust Your Local Dive Shop

April 27, 2015

Trust the dive shop! There are a million articles out there about choosing your first set of dive equipment. Many of them are boring, repetitive and entirely subjective and do no favours for the customer or the dive industry. I thought, therefore, it was time to add my own entirely subjective views to the subject! Somewhere along the line (probably as the result of the Intergalactic PADI vs BSAC wars which claimed the lives of 1000s) the UK diver reached the viewpoint that all dive shops were run in a Glengarry Glen Ross style by mercenary types whose sole purpose for the day was to relieve unsuspecting new divers of their money in exchange for the worst, highest margin piece...

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Mike's Dive Store is proud to support Seachangers Marine Conservation Group

April 01, 2015

Mikes’ Dive Store has signed up to contribute to UK marine conservation activities by supporting the charity, Sea-Changers. Mike’s, a leading and long established diving retailer will donate 1% of the value of all of its online sales to the charity. Customers will be invited to match the company’s generosity and make their own donations too. The money will feed into Sea-Changers’ grant fund which is distributed to UK based marine conservation projects. Mike’s Dive Store has chosen to demonstrate its already strong environmental commitment. The company joins a growing community of Sea-Changer businesses and individuals who are passionate about giving something back to the seas they love. Sea-Changers will distribute the donated money, in accordance with their funding policy,...

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