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Bantin's Blog

Bantin's Blog - Leading Experts?

December 19, 2014

I've never marketed myself as an expert. I have always asserted that I am a witness even though in my lengthy career as a diving journalist I witnessed quite a lot. However, I never forgot that the ocean is bigger than any of us and every time we drop off the back of a boat we enter a hostile environment. I never presumed I knew what I was doing because presumption is the mother of all disasters.Now that I'm taking a lower profile in the diving world, I have given myself the opportunity to look at it from a longer perspective. There are a lot of amateurs involved in the industry who big themselves up maybe a little more than...

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Bantin's Blog - Minature Cameras

December 12, 2014

  Looking for a last-minute Christmas present? Treat yourself to a GoPro or something similar! Miniature cameras like the GoPro and similar products are so tiny they have revolutionised much of the wildlife photography we nowadays see on our television screens. They are good for taking into situations that you would never contemplate taking a conventional camera. Video cameras were miniaturized even before digital stills cameras and for this reason may divers have taken up underwater video-making. Miniaturization means that submarine housings for them are no longer enormous and they are practical for solo operators to use. Video camcorders for amateur use have been tiny for some while now but the GoPro and similar products has taken this miniaturisation to...

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