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Mares Puck Air Dive Computer Console Standard Version

Mares Puck Air Dive Computer Console Standard Version is simplicity simplified! One button control means you can't go wrong!

The Puck Air from Mares has a sporty and functional design which includes all the information that enthusiasts can't do without and is ideal for demanding divers in cold waters. With Puck Air as your guide- you'll always know what to do. In particular- with the Easy Access System- navigating the computer menu has never seemed so easy! Features RGBM prevents the formation of microbubbles by incorporating a Deep Stop function to increase safety without compromising dive time. Special Function Mode dedicated for the needs of specific divers Provides Air - Nitrox - Free-dive - Bottom-timer functions. Program settings allow you to choose different setting levels in order to adjust your computer to a more conservative dive profile when undertaking several dives a day. Easy access buttons. Superior display readability with wide computer displays- with intense backlighting- high contrast displays and illuminated- oversized digits. Powerful backlighting User-replaceable batteries. Air integration allows detection of air pressure to give remaining bottom time not only based on depth- but also based on the rate of air consumption.

Lithium Batteries
Max Op.depth: 150m; 492ft
Logbook: 36hr Bottom Timer


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