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Drysuit Boots and Socks Replacements

Drysuit Boots and Socks are probably the parts of your drysuit that take the most hit when it comes to wear and tear, so no wonder they also tend to be the first things needing replacements, no matter how well you would look after them.

Mike's Dive Store's top specialists are here to help you by offering fast, reliable and hassle-free service in getting your drysuit back in diving condition. Just drop your drysuit over to our Shop in Chiswick and our experts will handle the rest.

We always use the original parts when possible and if they're no longer available we'll replace them with the same, high-quality equivalents. The price includes the removal of old socks or boots and a pair of new ones with the fitting.

If you need any advise or have questions regarding the replacement service, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we are here to help you.


Ankle Seals 2-3 days
Beaver Type Neoprene Top Boots 2-3 days
New Style Rubberised Neoprene Boots 2-3 days
Heavy Duty with Heel Boot 2-3 days
4mm Dry Socks Fitted (no boots) 2-3 days
4mm Dry Socks Fitted with Rock Boots 2-3 days
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