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Aqualung Linea Dive Mask

Aqualung Linea Dive Mask is a beautiful single lens mask designed specifically to accommodate the needs of female divers.

The “Comfort Buckle System” means there's no more hair getting stuck in the buckles of the mask. The Linea gives an amazingly wide-angle view in superbly compact package.

Designed according to Aqualung's innovative, patented 'Micromask Technology', the lens is positioned close to the eyes, which noticeably improves peripheral vision but keeps the inner volume of the mask incredibly low. 

The skirt is designed to form a superior seal around the face, minimizing leaks. It also helps reduce any lines left on the face after the dive. 

The mask is effortless to clear and the low-profile design makes it perfect for freedivers and scuba divers who want to minimize in-water drag.



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