<Size Chart>Zeagle Halo BCD Size Guide

<Size Chart>Zeagle Halo BCD Size Guide

How to size the Halo BCD

Zeagle comes from a background of wing and back lift style systems that usually allow a much greater degree of harness adjustment, making for a better fit. Jacket style BCDs are a little more difficult to size for and adjust because the air bladder is a fixed size which means only a portion of the shoulder and waist straps is actually adjustable. As a result you might end up with a BCD that is a little too small and squeezing you when inflated or too big and the BCD shift around during the dive

Zeagle have found a way around this problem by modifying the Personal Fit System (PFS) that is found in their back lift BCDs.

The Halo Personal Fit System (PFS):

The Personal Fit System (PFS) is a system of interchangeable components that allows the diver to customise the harness to their own body.  For the Halo, the waist and shoulders are fitted independently.  Once measured, the correctly sized vest and shoulders can be put together to create a custom fitted BCD.  This modular approach makes it possible to get a better fit than any other BCD brand on the market.

How to Measure For Your Halo BCD:

Step 1 - Measure for the vest: 

The vest module of the BCD is sized by measuring the diver’s waist which, rather than being the trouser belt line, is actually a point above the belly button and below the ribs. Your natural waist line can usually be found if you bend to the side and use the crease line as a guide.


SM    28”- 35”
MD    33”- 41”
LG    37”- 45”
XL    42”- 50”

Step 2 – Measure for the shoulder unit: 

To properly measure the shoulder length start at the top of the shoulder (where a properly fitting shirt seam rests on the shoulder), near the base of the neck.  Move down back to the natural waist line that was used in step 1.


SM    14”- 18”
MD    18”- 22”
LG    22”- 26”
XL    26”- 29”

Step 3 – Building the Halo:

Once properly measured, the you can either locate the right size in the off the shelf size range below or we can work with you to customise a Halo to fit your needs.

A properly fitting Halo BCD, with the Personal Fit System (PFS), will allow room to adjust for multiple thicknesses for wetsuits and drysuits while ensuring an easy and stable fit. 

Size Chart

 Size Waist Shoulder to Waist
S 28-35" 14-18"
M 33-41" 18-22"
L 37-45" 22-26"
XL 42-50" 26-29"