Thermalution Heated Undervest Tips & Advice

Thermalution Heated Undervest Tips & Advice

The following information is provided by Thermalution to assist with some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: How to store the under suit properly?

A: When you wish to store the suit, you should follow these general rules:

1. Make sure the power has been turned off.

2. Unplug the batteries from the power connectors.

3. Check the thermal module is cool.

4. Check the controls and cords for any unusual things, such as a crack, any cuts or crimped area in the insulation.

5. Hang the suit on a hanger. Be careful not to put the suit into a sharp hard fold.

6. Loosely wrap the battery cords in a separate loose coil. Always keep the cord loose being sure not to pinch the cord or put it into a severe strain anywhere.

7. When you about to use the suit after storage, make certain that the battery and controller connectors are connected tightly. Insecure connections are the cause
for many safety (e.g. overheating) and reliability (e.g. controllers don't work properly) problems.

Q: What should I look out for when discharging the battery?

A: To keep the battery operating at maximum efficiency, the batteries are required to be fully charged and discharged every 2 to 3 months if you do not use it

Because the Thermalution undersuits are designed for underwater activities, so you must take extra caution when discharging the battery to avoid any accidents. When you are discharging the batteries, please follow these general rules:
1. Discharging the battery in a moderate room temperature environment.
2. Sink the undersuit in cold water during discharging.

3. Lay the undersuit flat, unfold and do not put any weight on top of the undersuit.

4. Never leave the discharging battery unattended.

5. Never discharge the battery in the car, or anywhere under the sun, or close to heat.

Q: Warranty exceptions and repair fee?

A: Thermalution may charge you a repair fee (including shipping charges) as described in the warranty section.

If Thermalution inspects your undersuit and determines that
(i) your product has failed due to or has compatibilities with improper use,
(ii) the product has failed due to accident, abuse, neglect, misuse (including connecter pin break, battery pin break, over stretch causing exposure of wires, etc), unauthorized modification, extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes ("Warranty Exception") Thermalution will return your product to you without servicing and may charge you the repair fee.

In general, any action that is NOT instructed in the manual, on Thermalution website or recommended by Thermalution will be considered as improper use. For more details, please refer to the warranty section on the Thermalution website.

Q: Under what circumstances, the Thermalution undersuit may overheat?

A: The heating module on the Thermalution undersuit may overheat under some exceptional circumstances and/or due to improper usage. It is user's
responsibility to use the undersuit as guided and follow these general rules:

1. You must unplug and disconnect the battery from the connector and heating module when the undersuit is not in use.

2. If you are using the wireless remote controllers (i.e. products such as Yellow Grade, Yellow Grade Plus, Red Grade) please always double check the vibration of the receiver on the undersuit itself when you are switching from the wireless remote. There are cases that the indicator light on the remote has been turned off, but the receiver did not vibrate, which means the signal did not successfully passed onto the heating system.

3. If you are wearing Thermalution undersuits with dry suits, please frequently adjust the heating temperature according to your need. When you feel overheat please switch
the temperature level to low, or turn off the system. Moreover, you may wear an under layer underneath the product to avoid skin irritation from heat.

4. When the system is on You should NEVER twist, hard fold and/or put weight on the undersuit.