Taking Care of Your Weezle Undersuit

Taking Care of Your Weezle Undersuit

To help you get the best from your purchase we have a few words of advice.

Beneath Your Weezle

Wear as little as you dare beneath your Weezle Undersuit. This enables the inner TS1 layer to do its job more effectively, wicking moisture from the body.

Washing Your Weezle

Keep your Weezle free from salt and talc by regular washing, following the guidelines on the care label attached to your suit. Honestly, it works better like this & Weezles are built to take regular, gentle washes.

Use a front loader washing machine or hand wash to extend the life of your Weezle. A non-biological soap such as Charlie's Soap and no conditioner is ideal with a quick, cold wash & short spin. Hang the suit on a hanger to dry and it likes to be stored for long periods like this too.

They made the Weezle wicking so made it washable too; regular washing keeps the fibres free from salt & sweat & enables them to work at their peak of efficiency and you will find, people will still talk to you too!

As the majority of the suit is hydrophobic,you really don't need to tumble dry.

Zip Care

Zips will work better kept clean and will last longer with the help of a LITTLE silicon applied to the ‘slider’.

We hope you enjoy your purchase & grow to love your Weezle.