Seahorse Cases - Functions

Seahorse Cases - Functions

Whether you are a professional photographer or carry a point and shoot digital camera or video camera, Seahorse Protective Cases keeps your equipment safe. Close and latch your Seahorse cases to automatically safely seal your gear against water, air and dust.

Its tough shell and Accuform foam keeps camera and video gear safe from impact, providing safe, secure protection from the elements. Built-in padlock holes give extra safety. Seahorse optional locking latches gives added security and keeps out prying hands.

Seahorse cases are ideal for transporting and storing a wide range of sensitive testing equipment and controls.

When used with our optional aluminium panel kits, Seahorse cases allow you to design your test and/or meter equipment within the case, allowing you to use it in various environments when waterproof protection is critical.

Transporting and storing your scuba equipment is literally a snap with Seahorse scuba cases. Our pressure release Auto-Purge System guarantees that your scuba equipment remains dry as long as you want it.

For maximum space and portability of your scuba gear, Seahorse offers our wheeled SE 1220 case, offering over 6,500 cubic inches of watertight, airtight and crush resistant space.

Seahorse cases are also safe for airline transportation, providing maximum mobility and protection at an affordable price.

Your Laptop Computer’s physical protection is our business. Ensuring your portable computer system, as well as your other electronic hardware, is our primary concern. Our Seahorse Cases can optimise your computer’s physical protection by being able to safely transport not only one computer, but also several laptop computer systems secured within one, durable case.

When fitted with our Accuform Foam, larger Seahorse cases provide all the necessary insulation and security to effectively ship multiple laptop or desktop computers.

Protect all your sensitive items from moisture, dust and unwanted visitors with a Seahorse Protective Carrying Case. Our gun cases allow you to carry and store your firearms, ammunition, cleaning gear, sights, rifle scopes or bipods without worrying about rough handling.

With the Seahorse built-in dual padlock holes and optional locking latches, you can be assured that your equipment will be in the most safe and secure surroundings during transit.

Seahorse cases will protect your tool inserts, pins, and other instruments while stored or in transit. Any tooling/moulds will be kept free of dust particles and humidity until you are ready to use them again.

Using our optional Accuform Foam, everything will be protected.

Seahorse's watertight fishing cases are designed to protect your reels, lures and other gear from damage or breakage.

Manufactured for durability and airline travel, Seahorse cases will get your fishing equipment from home to your favourite spot both safely and securely.

Security is assured with Seahorse's built-in dual padlock holes and optional locking latches.

If your Seahorse case accidentally gets knocked overboard, the case will float, allowing you to retrieve your fishing investment.

Seahorse Cases provide rigorous protection and high standards for demanding Medical Apparatus.

Whether you are protecting portable laboratory or diagnostic equipment, our cases optimise your field work applications by ensuring high quality, integrity and dependability, while keeping your medical equipment safe, dry, and dust free.

From Walkie-Talkies to Cell Phones to Satellite Radios, Seahorse Cases are on the leading edge when it comes to protecting your valuable, Two-Way Communications Equipment.

Our durable cases keep portability in mind when it comes to your “road warrior” lifestyle and to your connected world.

Having an accessible and reliable first aid kit is absolutely critical these days. Seahorse cases ensure that those life-saving supplies are available at all times. Watertight, airtight and crush resistant, our cases ensure that your medical supplies will be there when needed most, dry and dust free.

Seahorse first aid cases are available in different sizes, from carry-ons for day trips to large family survival cases for earthquakes, floods, tornados and other disasters. Our cases are also ideal for marine first aid kits.

Be safe and prepared using Seahorse protective cases.

Seahorse cases will keep your personal items and vital documents secure from natural disasters, unexpected emergencies, the elements and local rodents.

Whether storing wills, birth certificates or family heirlooms, Seahorse cases will make sure they are always safe. Easy to use, and perfect for all storage environments, let a Seahorse case provide you peace of mind at home.

Protect and carry your paintball guns, goggles, face shields, air systems, loaders, barrels, etc. in a Seahorse protective case. Keep all your equipment well protected by forming the Accuform Foam to the specific shape of your equipment.

Protect and store your expensive tattoo machines, equipment and inks. Transport your equipment safe from damage from the elements and rough handling. O-ring seal prevents water, air, or dust from entering the case. Die-cut matrix foam makes it simple to insert tools and inks, keeping them safe and secure. Optional locking latches provide extra security.

Safe Transport and shipping of musical instruments is provided by the instrument being surrounded by protective foam. Easy to shape die-cut matrix foam only requires picking out the pre cut pieces to form a close fit that prevents instruments from jarring around inside the case. Extremely tough polypropylene co-polymer means the instruments are kept much safer than in old fashioned standard carry cases. Choose the size case that best fits your instrument.

A safe way to protect and transport sensitive and fragile monitors. Completely surrounded by dense celled foam, your monitors are protected from the jarring rigours of handling during transport and shipping. These hard sided cases provide highly protective polypropylene co-polymer exteriors that make them exceptionally tough and ideal for protecting valuable monitors.

These cases have easy to shape die-cut matrix foam that allows it to be configured to handle many different monitors and laptop computers.