What is Oceanic DVT?

What is Oceanic DVT?

DVT is a revolutionary regulator technology designed to automatically eliminate moisture and contaminants from entering your first stage, even if the dust cap is accidentally left off. DVT eliminates corrosion of critical internal components, bacteria, hose deterioration, and damaged gauges and computers.

Q: Can Your First Stage Regulator Do This?
A: Most first stage regulators are exposed to corrosive water intrusion either when removed from the cylinder valve between dives or in the rinse tank.

Q: Ever Wonder Why They Call It a "Dust Cap" and Not a "Water Cap"?
A: Most dust caps are not designed to keep water from entering your first stage. Regardless of how carefully you may maintain your regulator, water entry is a much more common problem than most divers realise.

Without DVT: Living With Corrosion and Restricted Airflow.
A: When water enters your first stage, critical internal seals break down and precision-machined metal parts begin to corrode. This inevitably leads to significant performance degradation and expensive repairs. Moisture also spreads throughout your breathing system, causing bacteria build-up, hose deterioration, and damage to gauges and computers.

The Solution? Oceanic DVT.
Though you should always use your dust cap to keep dust and other contaminants from entering your first stage, the extra protection of DVT means one less worry.

How Does It Work?
Open the tank valve and air is delivered through a downstream system without restriction. When your dive is finished, before the regulator is even removed from the tank valve, the Dry Valve Technology system is already closed, sealing out moisture and any other contamination. The filter is safely positioned behind the moisture barrier to eliminate filter flow restriction due to corrosion.